Wearing Hearing Aids by Day Keeps Dementia Away

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A recent study from the University of Manchester has linked the progression of dementia with perception and comprehension issues caused by hearing loss. The results have shown that wearing hearing aids can dramatically slow down the progression of dementia. In this article, Health and Hearing is summarising the recent data and exploring your options in hearing aids.


How Does Hearing Impact Cognition?

There are many ways that hearing loss can cause issues with cognition and memory. Firstly, when you need to strain to hear, you aren’t able to assign your cognitive resources to other tasks at the same time. When the brain slows down and limits how much stimulus it pays attention to, certain mental sections can lose valuable training time.

Hearing impairments have also been found to lead to social isolation, depression and reduced self-efficacy. These isolating scenarios can lead to reduced cognitive performance over time, increasing your risk of dementia.


How Does Cognition Impact Hearing?

Hearing can be taxing on your cognition. It takes high levels of focus to sustain attention on particular sounds without being distracted by other noises. The brain is constantly updating information and creating links that form memories. Because of this strain, people may seem to have poor hearing when their difficulties are actually due to cognitive impairment.

Even though the research into hearing impairment and dementia has been inconclusive, there is evidence that common factors cause both hearing loss and dementia. In this way, treating one condition may improve the other.


Hearing Aids as a Treatment Option

The benefits of treating hearing impairments on reducing the progression of dementia do not necessarily need to be significant in clinical studies to be worth pursuing. Hearing impairment is highly prevalent, meaning small gains in reducing the risk of dementia could potentially translate to a substantial reduction in the overall amount of people with dementia.

Hearing aids may reduce the risk of dementia by reducing the decline in cognition. Dementia is defined as a functional and cognitive impairment that impacts the patient’s daily life. Hearing impairments may exacerbate the impact of cognitive decline, and hearing aids have proven very effective in reducing these impairments.


Finding the Right Hearing Aids for Your Condition

There’s nothing to lose from a hearing test and everything to gain. If you’ve found that your hearing loss is impacting your daily life and the way you respond to cognitive challenges, hearing aids could be a brilliant tool to improve your life. Health and Hearing specialises in hearing aids for elderly with dementia.

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