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to full-featured hearing aids for FREE*.

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Hearing Aids for Veterans

If you’re a veteran, you may be aware of the Department of Veteran Affairs program to provide free hearing aids for veterans. These are often basic, entry-level models that are bulkier, noisier and not as comfortable. However, you may be entitled to claim an upgraded model through Health & Hearing.

We are accredited providers of high-quality hearing aids for veterans, so you can improve your hearing using a device that is comfortable, nearly invisible and produces crystal clear hearing regardless of how damaged your hearing is.


How to Claim Free Hearing Aids for Veterans

Claiming your free full-featured hearing aid is easy. All you need to do is book an appointment at one of Health & Hearing’s four local Brisbane clinics. The team will then perform an expert hearing assessment to determine the best hearing aids for you. We’ll then make a claim from the Department of Veteran Affairs on your behalf, taking care of the entire process

As a clinic with full government accreditation, this process is extremely straightforward and hassle free. However, to qualify, you will need a Gold or Silver DVA Health Card. If you don’t have a card, or if you’re unsure about your situation, discuss your options with our team as we may have other excellent rebates available.

We help Young People, Pensioners and War Veterans everyday!

  • Regain your confidence and get your youthful hearing back.
  • ”Invisible” Hearing Aid Technology that no one will notice.
  • Enjoy better relationships with your family, friends and colleagues.
  • Talk with our discreet, confidential expert hearing specialist with over 30 Years experience, Health & Hearing Audiometrist Soren P. Nielsen helps Young People, Pensioners and Veterans significantly improve their hearing everyday with invisible hearing aids – Or Get Your Money Back*
  • Genuine expert advice and best result at a medium price

Terms and conditions apply to clients under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program.

Free upgraded hearing aids,
recommended by Veterans for Veterans.

*Terms and Conditions apply

Evoke 50
DVA Standard
Issue Hearing Aid

Beyond 220
H&H Upgraded Full
Featured Hearing Aid

Compare the standard issue to the
H&H Upgraded Full Featured Hearing Aid

DVA Standard Issue,
base model

Beyond 220

Why is this better for you?

4 channels

6 channels

More natural sound quality, tailored better to your personal hearing, due to more specific programming.

Broadband Adaptive directionality


Frequency specific adaptive directionality

(High-Definition Locator)

More comfortable listening and understanding in noisy places, because noise sources are targeted in each direction around you and cancelled out one by one, not just overall, so your hearing aids will focus more on the voices you need to understand.

Manual switch between 3 programs

3 Sound Classes automatic switch

Instead of having to push the button on your hearing aid to change the sound settings when you move to a different environment, your hearing aid is intelligent and will figure out when and how to switch the settings for you, so you don’t have to worry about it yourself. Put your hearing aids in in the morning, forget about them during the day!

Impact noise reduction

(TruSound Softener)

Your hearing aids will protect you from sudden uncomfortable sounds that would’ve jarred you otherwise.





A fast and a slow compression system in the devices take care of automatically adjusting the volume of speech and your surroundings to ensure you can understand speech while still maintaining comfortable sound quality in all environments.

Minimal Noise Reduction

SIS Noise


The Speech Intensification System will increase the volume of speech while trying to decrease the volume of noise as much as possible.

Only RIC10 features

(Audibility Extender)

Frequency Transposition

(Audibility Extender)

Making inaudible high-pitched sounds accessible again (eg. chirping bird), so you can at least hear them, by adding more bass to them, since most people hear low frequencies still better than high frequencies.

Omni or forward directional only

Reverse directionality

(Focus Mode Back program)

Handy in certain situations where you’d like to focus on sounds coming from the back, such as for someone in a wheelchair, or when driving the car and having to hear the kids in the back seat, etc.


About Soren and Health & Hearing

As an ex-military man myself, I want to do my part to help veterans. You see, I served in the Danish Army as an Infantry Sargent from 1986 to 1989. For the next 30-years, I worked with the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Working on the cutting-edge of hearing aid technology, and seeing thousands of lives transformed for the better, has been a truly rewarding experience.

Yet for a long time, I was concerned patients were not always receiving the best advice. In 2012, I decided to establish a truly independent hearing clinic in Brisbane. I wanted to provide unrushed and caring consultations. And to show my appreciation to Veterans, I’ve also started the Veterans Upgrade to do my part to make sure that Veterans get the best possible outcome.

The point being, I’m extremely passionate about equipping veterans with a modern full-featured hearing aid that will improve the quality of their life. Therefore, I have launched the Health & Hearing Veterans Upgrade where I provide free* upgraded full-featured hearing aids to those that qualify. * Terms and conditions apply.


This is me serving in the Danish Army.

Why Choose Health & Hearing?

What you normally get through the DVA is the “base model”. Now, it’s true that this is better than nothing. However, because it’s the bottom of the range, this model:

  • Is so large and bulky people can see it clearly from a distance
  • Is uncomfortable and feels like you’re wearing something in your ear
  • Comes with those annoying “clicks”, “clacks” and “whistles” of early model hearing devices
  • Features up to date modern technology that realistically transforms the lives of veterans who are suffering through hearing loss

But this is what makes Health & Hearing unique. We care too much about our Vets to let them suffer through these inadequacies. Which is why we are proud to offer you a $2500 upgrade to a full-featured and ‘I-Phone connection’ set of hearing aids… for FREE*..

With the upgraded Beyond 220 hearing aid that we provide, you’ll instantly notice it is a far superior hearing aid. Instead of the drawbacks of the old style models, you’ll be able to experience a hearing aid that:

  • Is so small it is almost invisible… meaning no one will notice it
  • Is so comfortable you won’t even realise you’re wearing it
  • Provides exceptional clarity so you can easily understand conversation or dialogue during TV programs. It even has an optional TV streamer for silent TV watching (you will hear crystal clear through the aids
  • Is a made for I-Phone ‘Smart’ hearing aid, that can steam music and phone calls directly to the hearing aids.
  • Features an optional Tinnitus Therapy program, to help mask your ringing/noise in the ear.

Long story short, the Beyond 220 is the perfect
solution to your hearing problems.

And the great news is you won’t have to pay a cent to
benefit from it (providing you qualify with the DVA conditions)*.

Additional Accessories

There are a range of wireless Bluetooth accessories (link to pg 6) to further improve the functionality of your hearing aids, including:

Adding additional technology such as ‘Smart’ Bluetooth accessories will dramatically improve your satisfaction with the hearing instruments.

The general intent with these is to negate the drop of speech volume that happens over distance.

Most hearing aid users really struggle to hear what is said if the speaker is more than 4 meters away. This unfortunately is a daily experience for most people, causing unnecessary stress in their relationships.

Health & Hearing has an entire range of Bluetooth wireless accessories, made for the Enya range of hearing aids. They have been designed to extend your hearing over distance and improve your hearing in very noisy situations.

We have three accessories which are approved by the DVA, and will in most cases be paid for if it is deemed beneficial for reaching a desired outcome.

Smart Accesories

TV Streamer

The TV Streamer will transmit the sound from the TV (or stereo system, Foxtel box etc.) in stereo for up to 25 meters. This will give you the possibility to turn the TV loudspeaker sound all the way down and still be able to hear through the hearing aids at your preferred volume. This is really great if you want to watch TV but your spouse rather not listen to it.

ReSound TV Streamer

Phone Clip +

ReSound Mobile Phone Clip

This match box sized Smartphone device has three functions. It can:

1. Phone conversation:

Stream the signal from your smart phone straight to you hearing aids in stereo. Hearing the conversation in both ears dramatically enhances the speech clarity and comprehension, enabling you to have an effortless conversation even in a noisy place. Also, since you are hands free you can drive the car and talk at the same time.

2. Streaming music:

Stream stereo music or sound from your smart phone straight to your hearing aids.

3. Tinnitus Masker:

If you suffer from Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), you can install the ReSound Relief app on your smart phone to stream soothing Tinnitus masking sounds to your hearing instruments.

4. Remote Control:

When not on the phone, the Phone Clip + will double as a remote control, enabling you to change volume and program settings easily.

Multi Mic

This match box sized microphone is paired straight to your hearing aids enabling you to clearly hear speech over a large distance. The Multi Mic has two functions:

1. Dramatically improved speech clarity in background noise:

Placed vertically on the speaker’s garment (you friend or family member) the specially designed directional microphone will only pick up the speaker’s voice and block our most of the background noise. It has the famous Resound Noise Tracker II noise reduction build in, which will clean up any noise that unintentionally gets into the mic. This dramatically enhances the clarity of speech, even in loud background noise. The result will astonish you.

2. Vastly increase your listening range:

Placed horizontally the Multi Mic will switch off the directional microphone and activate an omni directional microphone which in contrast to the Directional mic has a large listening range with a 360-degree radius.

This is enable you to hear speech from up to 25 meters away, such as the other end of a long dining table, a podium, or hearing your spouse from anywhere in the house.

If you feel you could benefit from the free Enya 3 upgrade (Charged at $1000 for non-veterans) or if you are interested in a personal demonstration for all the effective accessories, then click the button below to make your no obligation, no pressure appointment.

ReSound Multi Microphone

And of course, you don’t have to just take my word for this, just watch some of the many testimonials we have from other veterans like you.

Stories from other Veterans we have helped

“Why I Now Have Hearing Aids”

“I have always rejected being fitted with hearing aids because those I know who have them had, within a month of being fitted dumped them in the drawer. The aids had not assisted them and were more of a hindrance than advantage to hearing. I have had regular hearing tests for decades and knowing the Department for Veterans Affairs (DVA) would pay of “aids to hearing” I was subject to the hard sell but I always rejected hearing aids. Mid 2016, some fifty years after developing my hearing loss due to military service and exposure to battle noise in Vietnam, I heard of an Audio Specialist who seemed to care about war veterans’ and their hearing problems.

I arranged a hearing test that was conducted is greater detail than any of my previous tests. I discovered this company was not contracted by government. After a lengthy discussion with the specialist during which I discovered much I am now wearing hearing aids. I have had no problems and discovered that the aids fitted are superior to the standard issued and paid for by DVA.

After a week, and a tune-up, I am most happy with the results. So satisfied that I feel I am vindicated having rejected any fitting of the inferior standard issued aids and thank the professional attitude of Soren Neilsen of Health and Hearing Ashgrove 4060… I CAN HEAR FLIES FART!”

Bob Buick
June 2016
Mountain Creek 4557

“I Have Clear Hearing, Couldn’t Be Happier”

“I am a Veteran of the Viet Nam conflict and write this more as a tribute rather than a testimonial to Soren and his great team at Health & Hearing. No doubt, like many others, my severe hearing loss affected my family life, social life and contributed to my depression. Self consciousness and low self esteem stopped me from having the “roasted peanuts” behind my ears, as I comically like to call hearing aids. Family pressure and a chance meeting with Soren changed my mindset.

Soren showed me other options for hearing aids and he and his team showed me compassion and care during the process – I couldn’t be happier. Soren has a great respect for Veterans, and a very personal contact with us too, being an ex-military man himself. I cannot speak more highly of Soren and his team at Health & Hearing.

After a week, and a tune-up, I am most happy with the results. So satisfied that I feel I am vindicated having rejected any fitting of the inferior standard issued aids and thank the professional attitude of Soren Neilsen of Health and Hearing Ashgrove .”

Love your work!
Gordon Obst
Viet Nam Veteran

Veteran Vouches For Soren

“My name is Mal Black and I am a veteran with a hearing loss attributable to my service. Recently, Mr. Soren Nielsen, an Audiometrist from Health & Hearing Invisible Hearing Solutions, himself an ex serviceman fitted me with two hearing aids which use the latest technology and materials.

They are brilliant and I would not hesitate in recommending that any other veteran (or anyone else for that matter) who has a similar problem, look him up. He will assess your needs in a most professional manner.

He is also fully aware of the procedures and process required by The Department of Veterans Affairs regarding matters such as eligibility etc.”

Mr Mal Black

How To Claim The Veterans Upgrade

Get in touch for a free no obligation, no pressure appointment in Brisbane to find out more about getting free hearing aids through hearing loss compensation for veterans. Book your free consultation today by calling us on 07 3366 9355 or contact us online.