Six reasons why you shouldn’t worry about getting your hearing checked

by | Jan 24, 2019 | Uncategorized

After meeting with thousands of people to conduct hearing tests since 2012, the team at Health & Hearing know that it can be a daunting and anxious time.

For many people, the possibility of experiencing a decline in hearing is incredibly stressful. It can be viewed as a sign of the onset of old age, or something that’s going to cost too much money or leave them looking and feeling out of place.

Please know that if you do suffer from anxiety around taking a hearing test, you’re not alone! At Health & Hearing we’ve worked hard to create a stress-free environment to remove the worry from hearing checks.

We’ve also pulled together our top list of reasons you shouldn’t worry about getting your hearing checked below, to help put your mind at ease.

1. Hearing loss affects people of all ages.

Our clients are all ages and there is no set of characteristics that defines them. In fact, 75 percent of all Australians with a hearing loss are younger than 65 years of age. For some this is hereditary, for others it’s a result of damage to the ear.

Each person we see has a different and unique set of circumstances and we take all of that into consideration when working with you to assess your hearing.

Don’t let a pre-conceived idea that you’re the wrong age to be suffering from hearing loss stop you from going to get your hearing checked.

2. Correcting your hearing loss will improve your quality of life, not take away from it.

Ever wondered why you don’t really see those big, clunky hearing aids of days gone by anymore? Because today’s hearing aids are discreet, comfortable and technologically advanced.

You’ve quite probably interacted with many people who’ve been wearing hearing aids and have never known about it. We’re proud to offer “invisible” hearing aid technology that no one ever needs to know about – unless you want them to.

3. There are cost-effective solutions available.

We’re also proud to offer Brisbane’s most-thorough free hearing test, so you’ll be able to assess how serious your hearing loss is (if at all) without any financial outlay whatsoever.

If you do need hearing aids, it’s important to remember they come in a huge range of options, with price tags to match. If you’ve been worried about coming to get your hearing assessed for financial reasons, please don’t let that deter you. We’re happy to talk through your solutions with you to ensure you know what financial options are available to you. Health & Hearing is accredited as a Qualified Practitioner to provide free hearing aids to pensioners and veterans under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program. If you would like to consider upgrading to a more advanced hearing aid instead, the team at Health & Hearing will happily talk you through the benefits and exact costs before you commit to anything.

4. It’s good for your overall health.

It can be easy to take for granted the role your hearing plays in your overall health. But, at Health & Hearing, we work to ensure you understand the nature of this relationship. When your hearing improves, so does your connection with the world around you. You’ll likely feel a significant emotional benefit from this. Losing hearing can leave people feeling detached from the people and places that are important to them. Introducing hearing aids effectively ‘plugs you back in’ to the world. That’s a great feeling!

Taking a hearing test early on can save a lot of future frustration, such as loss of connection to your loved ones. Recent research has also found a strong link to untreated hearing loss and dementia, loss of balance, reduced memory and depression, just to mention a few. It’s worth getting a check, just to be sure.

5. Even if you’re not sure you have hearing loss, it’s important to check!

Studies have shown that many people will wait between 7 and 10 years between first noticing hearing loss and getting your hearing tested. That’s a lot of missed conversations, songs, sounds and interactions! With a hearing test at Health & Hearing, we try and keep the process nice and simple so you’ve got no reason NOT to get your hearing tested.

6. Our team is highly experienced – and we’re good at what we do!

We have many many years of experience in what we do, and we like to think we’re pretty good at it too! We make it easy and convenient to get your hearing checked and there’s no pressure to take any further action unless you want to. We start with a free 30-minute consultation where we check your ear canals and conduct a hearing baseline measurement. From there, we’ll explain your results to you in detail and recommend what you can do.

Having healthy hearing can make a big difference to your quality of life, and we’d be only to happy to work with you to assess yours and recommend a plan of action if required. Please don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call today.