Health and Hearing Services

Hearing Services

At Health & Hearing, we’re passionate about providing comfortable, high quality hearing aids equipped with the latest features. Whether you’re a pensioner, a veteran or a younger person who has sustained hearing damage, we can help improve your personal, social and professional interactions and your overall quality of life. We offer a full range of hearing health services which you can find out about below.


Hearing Tests

Hearing loss can occur suddenly, but often, it occurs gradually over long periods of time. It’s easy for our brains to adapt to quieting sounds or people speaking more softly. Like many other health check-ups, you should get periodic hearing tests once you’re over the age of 50.

You should also book a test if you are noticing symptoms of hearing loss such as struggling to have conversations in noisy environments or having to turn the TV up so loud it causes others to complain. Take our online hearing test or book in for a free hearing test at one of our clinics.


Hearing Aid Fittings

During your hearing test and consultation at Health & Hearing, we categorise your degree of hearing loss and recommend the best hearing devices for your situation. As an independent clinic, we’ll happily tell you the pros and cons of each product.


After selecting a device that suits your needs, your audiologist will ensure your hearing aids are properly fitted and provide the right level of amplification. Once your hearing aids are perfectly programmed, we will teach you how to care for them, change the batteries and operate certain functions.


Hearing Aid Repairs

Whether there’s something wrong with the battery in your hearing aid, a blockage or damaged tubing, our team can provide comprehensive hearing aid maintenance and repair services. We also offer 365 days of free servicing for any new hearing aids you get from us to keep them running as efficiently as possible.


Book a Consultation at Health & Hearing

Get in touch for a free no obligation, no pressure appointment for any of our hearing aid services at one of our four clinics in Brisbane. Book today by calling us on 07 3152 4056 or contact us online.