We recognise that the people within our community are our livelihood. We also think good giving makes for good business. That is why we are proud to support the following charities and organisations:

Young Diggers

Young Diggers provides free information and services like compensation, welfare, military to civilian transition and family advice for all serving and ex-serving personnel of the Australian or New Zealand Defence Forces. From dealing with the difficult issues like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) to military and civilian transition, and everything in between.

We love this charity because of the army connections our clinic founder, Soren, has with the army, having served for 3 years in Denmark. We believe the work our Defence Force does supports Australian way of life and they deserve our support.

B1G1 – Business For Good

It all began when……a group of business owners realised it was too hard for them to give back effectively while running their own businesses. So they imagined a different world — a world where business giving became easier and more impactful than ever. A world where every time someone had a cup of coffee, a child in need received access to life-saving water. Or a world where every time you bought a book, a tree got planted. Or a world where buying a TV meant someone got the gift of sight… They called it, Buy1GIVE1. And today, it’s better known as B1G1 Business for Good.

We love B1G1, because, even though we are a small business we can make an enormous difference. Here, you will find a live update of the projects we support.