Signs A Loved One Has Hearing Loss

by | Apr 10, 2015 | Hearing Loss

Loved one not hearing like they used to? You are not alone.

Hearing loss can occur over a long period of time, meaning it is highly unlikely somebody with undiagnosed hearing loss will notice they have a problem. Quite often, a person’s partner or a family member will be the first person to comment that something might be wrong.

If you suspect a loved one may be suffering from hearing loss, take a look at the below signs indicating it may be time to get their hearing checked.

1. Having to repeat yourself

“Sorry what?” and “would you mind repeating that?” are phrases that
indicate something may be amiss. Miscommunication is a common issue with people who have trouble hearing. If you often find yourself having to repeat what you have said it is likely your loved one is struggling to hear you because they have hearing loss

2. The TV or radio volume is very loud

If you often have to turn the TV or radio volume down because it is uncomfortably loud for yourself and other members of the family, they may have hearing loss.

3. Distance in social situations

With everybody talking at once it can be hard for people with hearing loss to keep up with a conversation. If your loved one, who was once very social and talkative, suddenly becomes withdrawn they probably have trouble hearing. People can often feel stressed and embarrassed when they can’t keep up with conversation and distance themselves from the situation. If you see this happening to your loved one, you should encourage them to get their hearing checked.

4. Confusion and frustration

Living with undiagnosed hearing loss is hard. It doesn’t just make sound quieter but can muffle conversations confusing the person with hearing loss. As they strain to understand what is being said they may become frustrated. After all developing hearing loss is a life-altering experience.

If your love one does become frustrated, try not to take it personally. Remember they’re not angry with you they are just dealing with the stress associated with hearing loss. If you recognise any of the above signs in your partner or family member the best thing you can do is gently suggest a hearing test. Remember people can feel embarrassed when confronted with hearing loss so it is best to approach the subject with care.