How To Enjoy Music Without Harming Your Hearing

by | May 18, 2020 | Uncategorized

We all love listening to music, but it’s important to make sure you aren’t harming your hearing in the process. In this article, Health and Hearing is giving you advice on protecting your hearing while you listen to music.


Can Concerts Cause Hearing Loss?

Hearing problems are common for people who regularly attend festivals and concerts where the sound levels are consistently high. Long exposure to sounds over 85 decibels can cause noise-induced hearing loss, and many concerts tend to be 115 decibels or more.

Constant loud sound wears down your ears and damages the cochlea. Over time, the cochlea stops processing pitch and volume, and hearing fades. The best way to maintain your current level of hearing is through preventative tactics. While at a concert, wear hearing protection and stay at a safe distance from the speakers.


Hearing Loss from Earbuds and Headphones

Most people listen to music from their phones through earbuds or headphones. Unfortunately, the standard earbuds that come with devices aren’t designed to sit perfectly in the ear, meaning they let in a lot of external noises. To combat this, people tend to turn the volume all the way up and this can damage your ears.

Test out headphones and earbuds to ensure they fit correctly and isolate sound. A good rule of thumb is to play music at 60% of the possible volume on your phone, and that way you won’t be exposing your ears to over 80 decibels for long periods of time.


Tips for Listening to Music without Damaging Your Ears

The main advice that we can offer people is to limit how often you listen to music through earbuds and headphones. The World Health Organisation recommends that you only listen to music for one hour per day on your smartphone. Your ears need rest and recovery to protect them against permanent damage.

Another option is to invest in supra-aural earphones that sit on your ear rather than inside of them as earbuds do. Supra-aural earphones don’t send vibrations directly to your eardrum, preventing damage to your hearing from constant use.


Book a Hearing Test Today

To establish whether or not you have already caused damage to your eardrums from listening to loud music, book a hearing test with Health and Hearing in Brisbane. We can help you understand your current needs so you know how careful you need to be in the future. You can book a free consultation by calling (07) 3366 9355 or contacting us online.