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Why is it Important to Get an Audiology Test?

At Health and Hearing, we understand that taking the first step towards finding out what can be done for your hearing is daunting and a little confusing. We aim to make the process of getting a hearing check as easy and convenient as possible in a friendly, no pressure environment.

Like any health issue, resolving hearing loss problems can have numerous long-term benefits. Hearing clearly enables you to communicate well and confidently, allowing you to properly engage with the world and connect with friends, family and colleagues. What’s more, recent research has found a link between untreated hearing loss and dementia, loss of balance, reduced memory and depression. Modern hearing aids are comfortable, invisible and can vastly improve your quality of life.

You don’t have to be a senior citizen to have hearing loss. 75% of all Australians with a hearing impairment are younger than 65 years of age. If you have trouble hearing, the only way to properly diagnose and resolve the issue is by getting a free hearing test.

5 Signs You May Have Hearing Loss

Have you thought wondered “should I test my hearing?” Here are five signs that you may have hearing loss:

  • Turning up the TV too loud causing people around you to complain
  • Constant ringing noise in one or both ears (tinnitus)
  • Regularly experiencing misunderstandings at work and in everyday interactions
  • Struggling to retain information like people’s names and important details
  • Struggling to hear or hold conversations in background noise, e.g. busy streets or restaurants

Free 30-Minute No Obligation Consultation

During your free consultation we’ll check your ear canals conduct a hearing baseline measurement, then we’ll explain your results to you in detail and then recommend what you can do.

Importantly, you’ll understand and know exactly where you stand, and what action to take next, so you can regain your hearing.

Our free hearing tests are conducted by professional hearing specialists who will then explain the extent of your hearing loss clearly and explain your options so you can make an informed decision about your hearing. We have four consultation clinics across Brisbane in Ashgrove, Chermside, Carina and Kenmore Plaza.


Getting a hearing check happens over four simple steps:

  1. A quick and easy questionnaire to assess how you manage with your hearing in day to day life.
  2. Examination of the ear to check for potential issues and a medical history check to determine potential causes for hearing loss. After that comes the actual hearing test, which usually takes between 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. Once we determine what you can and cannot hear, we can discuss the options depending on your level of hearing loss, budget, style and desired features.
  4. After the appropriate hearing device has been selected, your device will be set up and fitted for the best possible performance for your specific requirements.
  5. A follow up takes place in the first week or two to ensure the hearing aid is working properly and that you’re happy with how everything sounds and feels.

Want to know more about what happens in a consultation?

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