Around 1 in 6 Australians suffer from some form of hearing loss. Fortunately, there are fast, effective and affordable solutions available today.

Thanks to advancements in technology, modern hearing aids are less visible and more comfortable than ever before. At Health and Hearing, we provide quality invisible, wireless hearing aids.

People over the age of 70 are more likely to suffer from a hearing impairment. However, hearing loss can occur at any age. The effects of hearing loss on your day to day life can be frustrating for you and others who interact with you. It’s ideal to get your hearing tested and treated as soon as possible if you think you may have a hearing impairment.

What Causes Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss has a variety of causes and can range from mild to profound. Hearing impairment from birth is known as congenital hearing loss, while hearing loss that occurs after birth is called acquired hearing loss. The most common cause of acquired hearing loss is exposure to loud sounds such as noise in the workplace or from listening to loud music. This accounts for over one quarter of people affected by hearing loss.

However, hearing impairment can result from other causes such as:

  • Earwax build-up
  • Hereditary and genetic disorders
  • Damage to the inner ear (sensorineural hearing loss)
  • Trauma, e.g. perforation of the eardrum, skull fracture or changes in air pressure
  • Failure of the eardrum to vibrate in response to sound waves
  • Failure of the three tiny bones inside the middle ear to pass along sound waves to the inner ear

In many cases, treatment is available and normal hearing will return. Other times, wearing a hearing aid may be necessary to restore normal hearing.

Why is Early Intervention Crucial?

Research has indicated that seniors with hearing loss are significantly more likely to develop dementia over time than those who retain their hearing. This may be due to the strain of trying to decode sounds over the years as well as the decreased ability to engage in social situations. There is an established link between low levels of social engagement and dementia.

Poor hearing undermines your ability to effectively communicate with others. This can affect your professional life as well as strain personal relationships with friends and family. Something as simple as hearing aids can improve your quality of life and delay or prevent serious conditions like dementia.

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