Health & Hearing opened its doors in 2012 with the mission to provide the people of Brisbane with an independent, professional, and trusted brand of hearing care.

A Truly Independent Audiometrist in Brisbane

What makes Health and hearing different?

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About Soren

My name is Soren Nielsen, and for the past 30 years I’ve worked with the largest and most innovative hearing aid manufacturers in the world.

Working on the cutting edge of hearing loss technology, and seeing thousands of lives transformed for the better, has been a truly rewarding experience. Yet, for a long time, I was concerned that patients were not always receiving the best advice.

In 2012 I decided to share my rare insider knowledge of the industry, and to help people overcome hearing problems. So I founded ‘Health & Hearing’ as one of the few truly independent hearing clinics in Brisbane.

In August 2017, I was appointed an Honorary Consul by her Royal Highness Queen Margrethe II of Denmark (Crown Princess Mary’s mother in law). The position is ‘Honorary’ which means, we don’t get paid, we work for free. I do it gladly for the opportunity to help people and to do my part in making the world a better place.

About Health and Hearing

Truly Independent

Australians are often shocked to discover most hearing clinics are actually owned by hearing aid manufacturers or global retail chains. In many cases, these ‘clinics’ are really just shops designed to sell their brand of hearing aids.

Independence is important to us, and we think it should be important to you too! As you make your selection across various hearing providers, you might be surprised to learn that most hearing clinics have been acquired or opened by hearing aid manufacturers or global retail chains—making them well-disguised vehicles for pushing their own range of hearing aids.

This is why we are so proud to be independent. We work hard to find the best treatments from the full range of available solutions, including tinnitus management, rehabilitation, counselling, and hearing aids from all leading manufacturers. We are particularly passionate about invisible hearing aids, so no-one but you needs to know you are wearing one.

The Best Solution For You

We have four clinics (Ashgrove, Chermside, Kenmore and Carina) and serve thousands of patients every year. And we continue to conduct extensive research to ensure we are providing the best treatments from the full range of available solutions, including tinnitus management, rehabilitation, counselling, and hearing aids from all leading manufacturers with no obligation to any one brand.

Specialists In ‘Invisible’ Technology

We stock all types of hearing aids and are respected specialists in invisible hearing aids. The latest ‘invisible’ technology is so small it allows you to regain clear, confident hearing and fullness of life without anybody knowing you’re wearing a hearing aid. See our hearing aids.

Qualified, Experienced Staff

Our qualified, experienced technicians take extra time with your hearing test and offer independent, expert advice to ensure you get the best hearing aid for your condition, lifestyle and budget.

The Most Thorough Hearing Test In Brisbane

In many hearing aid ‘shops’, your Hearing Test Technician is trained in the same way a Barista is trained to make coffee. While they may be able to perform the function of a hearing test, they often lack the in-depth knowledge and experience of a trained Audiometrist. They are also often rushed with frequent bookings and hurried hearing tests. Which means they may not detect the full spectrum of your hearing condition.

Your hearing test at ‘Health & Hearing’ is conducted by a qualified Audiometrist. For maximum privacy and concentration, you sit comfortably in a modern sound-proof booth. There is no rush – your Audiometrist will guide you at your own pace to ensure your Baseline Hearing Result is accurate.

You will receive the results immediately. If the test shows hearing loss, your Audiometrist will provide independent, expert recommendations on solutions for improve your hearing.