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If you are thinking about upgrading or looking to buy a new hearing aid, I invite you to come into one of our clinics for a “H&H Try it on” session. This is where my qualified team will walk you through the features, answer any questions and give you the chance to try the amazing technology on for yourself.

he whole session takes about half an hour… a little bit longer if you want to try several on… look at in the mirror, see how it looks and get comfortable… And the half an hour is a guide… we really take the time to walk you through the process… so you can get a really good feeling of the devices… and make sure you make the right choice. Remember… Your ‘Health & Hearing’ Audiometrist is Queensland Practitioner (QP 2509871-F) Accredited and committed to following documented best practices. In other words you will speak directly with a qualified, experienced professional, not a retail assistant.

The Best Hearing Aid For You

We recommend that you have a hearing consultation to determine the best aid for you before buying anything. Unlike most hearing ‘clinics’ that are owned by hearing aid manufacturers or large global retail chains, which are really just shop-fronts to sell their products, ‘Health & Hearing’ is truly independent. This means that our hearing aid recommendations are totally focused on what’s best for you, helping you get the best hearing outcome possible. That said…

The type of hearing aid we recommend for you will depend on:

  • The degree of your hearing loss
  • Your lifestyle
  • Whether you are employed or retired
  • Your preferences (Hidden or slightly visible)
  • Affordability for your personal circumstances

3 Types of Modern Hearing Aids We May Recommend for You

All are covered by our…

Comprehensive 3 Year Warranty

For total peace of mind your hearing aids come with a 3 Year Warranty. Wear them every day and enjoy the many benefits with total security knowing that you’re covered. For added peace of mind you can take out an extra 1 to 2 years of warranty cover if you like.

Plus you get our…

Love It Or We Take It Back Guarantee

Like a new pair of glasses, your hearing aids may seem unfamiliar at first. Give yourself the chance to get used to sounds you didn’t even realise you missed. Also give yourself time to get used to physically wearing your hearing aids. Try some modern hearing aids at home, at the movies, at the local café, in quiet places and in noisy environments. Give them a good workout and prove to yourself how much better your life is with renewed, youthful hearing. Return to the clinic to have them fine-tuned to ensure they are ‘just right’. And in the unlikely event your new hearing aids aren’t everything you expected them to be. And if we can’t adjust them and make you feel totally comfortable — we’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund (less a small fee of $100 to cover restocking costs).

Financial Support & Rebates

We stock a range of hearing aid brands and are fully accredited as Qualified Practitioners to provide free hearing aids to pensioners and veterans under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program, as well as people who have suffered hearing loss as a result of workplace noise under the scheme administered by WorkCover Queensland.

And we have a strong association with all major private health insurance providers. We will help you get the maximum rebates to ensure you receive all benefits you are entitled to and get the best hearing aids at the best price.

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If you have any questions about hearing aids, if you’d like to know more about the latest technology, or if you think you (or somebody you love) may be suffering partial or significant hearing loss, I invite you to book a free consultation today. This professional consultation is totally free and conducted without any obligation whatsoever.

I look forward to helping you with a free unrushed consultation, and the latest invisible hearing aids that allow you to secretly regain clear, confident hearing and fullness of life.

Believe it or not, these people are wearing hearing aids

A Demonstration of our Invisible Hearing Aids

What our patients think about our hearing aids

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How To Help Your Loved One Consider A Hearing Aid is a 15-page Report full of simple tips for partners or concerned children to help their loved ones regain clear confident hearing.


Are You A Pensioner Or Ex-Serviceman? (Veteran)

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Schedule a FREE no obligation consultation

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Get your FREE upgraded hearing aid

Get your FREE upgraded hearing aid

The first step is to book a no oblligation appointment.

We will contact you within a business day to schedule a time suited to you.

Clinics in Ashgrove, Kenmore, Carina and Chermside.

Get your FREE upgraded hearing aid

We respect your privacy.

Or Call Reception at (07) 3366 9355

Open 9 AM to 5 PM – Mon to Fri