Hearing Aid Repairs

While hearing aids are durable, they are frequently exposed to earwax, moisture and dust. This can mean they occasionally require repairs. At Health & Hearing, we continue to care for you long after we custom fit and calibrate your new hearing aids, offering a year of free servicing.

What Can Go Wrong With Hearing Aids?

One of the most common reasons a hearing aid will stop working is a flat battery. This is fortunately a very easy fix. Other issues can include:

  • Damaged tubing
  • Earmold blockages
  • Open battery compartments
  • Blocked microphones
  • Dirty or corroded battery contacts
  • Clogged sound outlets
  • Broken faceplates

Most hearing aid repairs can be completed in-house and on the same day. In situations where repairs may be more complicated and take longer, we’ll aim to schedule them during a time where you won’t have to rely on your hearing aids as much.

Signs Your Hearing Aids Need Repairs

Your hearing aids may need repairs if you notice:

  • Whistling sounds audible to you or your loved ones
  • Static or fuzzy sound caused by moisture in the hearing aid
  • Reduced output or a lower clarity of sound

Hearing Aid Servicing

Regular servicing is ideal for keeping you hearing aids running as efficiently as possible. This involves cleaning them, providing minor maintenance as well as making adjustments to your device as your hearing change. It’s a good idea to conduct an annual hearing review to ensure your hearing aids are meeting your needs.

Quality Aftercare Support at Health & Hearing

At Health & Hearing, we’re proud of the high level of aftercare support we offer to all our clients. When you get new hearing aids from us, you can enjoy 365 days of free ongoing servicing and support as well as a 14 day love it or return it guarantee. It’s all part of our commitment to ensuring you can conveniently and affordably regain your hearing. The next time you’re wondering where to get hearing aids repaired in Brisbane, get in touch with Health & Hearing.

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