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Connect, interact and engage with your world better with our range of innovative hearing aid accessories. Whether you want to watch TV without bothering your spouse or improve speech clarity in a noisy environment, we stock the most hearing aid accessories that can drastically improve your hearing in various situations.


Many hearing aid users struggle to hear what is said if the speaker on a device is more than 4 meters away. This unfortunately is a daily experience for most people. Health & Hearing has a range of wireless Bluetooth accessories made for ReSound hearing aids.


In addition to the traditional accessories, don’t forget to download the Resound Smart 3D app which will allow your own mobile phone to work as a remote control.








TV Streamer

The TV Streamer transmits sound from your TV, stereo system and other entertainment devices up to 25 meters away. This allows you to keep the volume down and still be able to hear through the hearing aids at your preferred volume. This is ideal for enjoying TV, music and other entertainment without bothering your spouse or other family members around your home with loud volumes.

At Health and Hearing, we pride ourselves in delivering the latest innovations in hearing devices to our clients. With wireless, invisible hearing aids you can hear better and connect better. Hear clearer, richer, more vibrant sound. Enjoy a better sense of where sounds are coming from.

Our Bluetooth hearing aids can integrate with your smartphone, allowing you to adjust settings when you need and stream crystal clear music or stereo sound from your television or other devices. With a hearing aid app for Android and iOS, managing your hearing device has never been easier.

There are a variety of wireless, invisible hearing aids available to suit different budgets and requirements:

Multi Mic

This match box sized microphone is paired with your hearing aids, enabling you to clearly hear speech over long distances. The Multi Mic has two functions:


  1. Improve speech clarity in noisy environments – Simply place the directional microphone vertically on the front garment of the person you are speaking to and it will pick up the speaker’s voice while reducing background noise.
  2. Vastly increase your listening range – Placed horizontally, the Multi Mic activates an omni directional microphone with has a large 360 degree listening radius. This helps you better hear speech from up to 25 meters away, such as from the other end of a long dining table or hearing your spouse from anywhere in the house.

ReSound LinX 3D

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Phone Clip +

This match box sized Smartphone device has three functions:

Phone conversation – Stream the signal from your smartphone straight to your hearing aids in stereo to dramatically enhance speech clarity and comprehension. This enables you to have an effortless conversation even in a noisy place as well as enjoy hands-free phone calls.

Stream music – Stream stereo music or sound from your smartphone straight to your hearing aids.

Tinnitus masker – If you suffer from Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), you can install the ReSound Relief app on your smartphone to stream Tinnitus masking sounds straight to your hearing instruments.

The Phone Clip + doubles as a remote control, enabling you to change volume and program settings easily.

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