Give Your Mum the Gift of Better Hearing This Mother’s Day

by | May 31, 2018 | Hearing Aids

Your mother is one-of-a-kind. She’s been there for you throughout the roller coaster of your life. She has supported and encouraged you no matter what you have faced. But what if your mother is showing signs of hearing loss, limiting her social and emotional wellbeing? How can you support and encourage her to find a solution? This mother’s day, show your mother how much you care for her and want her to be healthy and happy with the perfect gift she doesn’t even know she needs – a hearing aid.

Keep reading to see how you can help your mother overcome the stigma of hearing loss and encourage her to use hearing aids that will provide her with the gift of better hearing.

Eliminate the stigma

Stigma surrounding hearing loss is a major concern for those suffering the ailment. Although hearing loss affects all people of all ages, it is commonly connected to ageing. This stigma, understandably, can influence how receptive your loved one can be about their hearing loss and their need for hearing aids. Often, your loved one will try to avoid the subject because of this stigma, or they may not even notice they are having issues hearing. Either way, it is essential you are aware of the symptoms of hearing loss so you can help them find a solution.

Below are a list hearing loss symptoms you should be aware of.

Change in behaviour in social situations

  • Your mother is having difficulty keeping up with conversation social situations
  • The TV and/or radio is much louder than usual
  • Your mother has to ask for clarification
  • Your mother is complaining about ringing in her ears
  • Your mother seems disengaged in conversations
  • Your mother continues to miss phone calls
  • Your mother asks you to speak up
  • Your mother doesn’t hear certain tones

Change in emotional state

  • Your mother seems stressed while in group environments
  • Your mother is beginning to isolate herself
  • Your mother is embarrassed to meet new people

If you’ve noticed your mother suffering from some of the symptoms of hearing loss listed above, it’s time discuss the options of hearing aids with her. Approaching your mother with love and kindness on the topic of hearing is incredibly important. There is a major stigma attached to hearing loss, however recognising there is a problem is the first step to a solution.

So how do you broach the subject in a loving and supportive way?

Ensure your mother that you will be there to support her and she doesn’t have to deal with the issue alone. Be prepared with a list of positives of having better hearing to demonstrate that being fitted with a hearing aid will help her overcome the problems she has been facing. To start you can even suggest to your mother that she should take our online hearing quiz.

Benefits of being fitted with a hearing aid

  • Your mother will feel like she is part of the conversation again
  • Your mother will be able to enjoy music, TV, radio and movies without struggling
  • Your mother will feel less stressed and embarrassed in social situations
  • Your mother will be able to enjoy all the aspects of life which she couldn’t when she was struggling to hear

Want to hear from mothers who have been through the same situation? Check out the video below.

Another way to help your mother through the process of getting a hearing aid is accompanying her to a hearing test. This will show her that she doesn’t have to deal with the issue alone, and just like she has been there for you, you’ll always be there for her too.

If your mother is demonstrating signs of hearing loss, this Mother’s Day show her how much you care for her by getting her the gift of better hearing. For more information or to book a free hearing test, contact Health and Hearing.