Do I Need a Hearing Aid for Mild Hearing Loss?

by | Feb 25, 2020 | Uncategorized

Too many people ignore the signs of their hearing loss because it hasn’t started to negatively impact their lives just yet. The real question is, how serious does your hearing problem have to become before it requires medical attention? If you’re suffering from a hearing issue that’s starting to annoy you, learn the facts about treating mild hearing loss from Health and Hearing.


Defining Mild Hearing Loss

Healthcare professionals define mild hearing loss as hearing thresholds on an audiogram between 26 and 40 decibels (dB) across particular frequencies or pitches. Hearing loss can be defined as sounds not registering loudly enough or clearly enough for understanding. Those who suffer from mild hearing loss may simply have difficulty understanding conversations clearly.

Certain sounds are the first to become difficult with mild hearing loss. Certain consonants like “f”, “th”, “k” and “p” are common to lose in conversations, making it extremely tough to make sense of the words you are hearing. Mild hearing loss becomes challenging when you’re inundated with background noise or talking to someone who is soft-spoken.


The Right Time for Treatment Is Totally Up to You

Mild hearing loss presents different hurdles for different people. You could have identical results on a hearing test to a person who reports significant difficulty in their everyday life while you don’t even notice your hearing loss. This is called a “perceived handicap”, and it is the main deciding factor in whether or not you should choose hearing aids.

If your lifestyle requires constant communication, spending time in restaurants or theatres, you may benefit substantially from hearing aids. Only you can decide how your hearing loss is impacting your life, and there are different styles of hearing aids designed for people at different ends of the spectrum.


The Importance of a Hearing Test

If you’ve started to notice mild hearing loss, there are no downsides of having a hearing test. Your audiologist will be able to take a precise recording of your condition and establish exactly how much trouble it is causing you. Even if you don’t choose hearing aids, we can still keep a close eye on whether or not your hearing is getting worse over time.


Hearing Aids for Mild Hearing Loss

The technology behind hearing aids has come a long way in recent years. If you suffer from mild hearing loss and your perceived handicap is high, the devices available to you are sleek, comfortable and effective. People with mild hearing loss have more options available to them and can choose customised hearing aids that require less frequent battery changes and maintenance.

Many people don’t report their hearing loss for approximately 7 years after they first notice it. In this time, the brain forgets how to hear sounds properly and the hearing loss can rapidly worsen. Catching the problem early can be the difference between total hearing loss and successful rehabilitation.

To understand more about your mild hearing loss, book a hearing test with Health and Hearing at one of our locations around Brisbane. You can book a free consultation by calling (07) 3366 9355 or contacting us online.