Coping with Cookie Bite Hearing Loss

by | Jul 24, 2019 | Hearing Loss

There are many different types of hearing loss, and people from all walks of life can experience sudden or gradual hearing loss caused by a variety of factors.

One rare form of hearing loss is called cookie bite, named for the curved shape of the audiogram result which resembles a cookie with a bite taken out of it. It can also be called soup plate or U-shaped hearing loss.

What is Cookie Bite Hearing Loss?

Cookie bite hearing loss affects the mid-range hearing frequencies, and people who suffer from it can often hear high and low frequency sounds well. The condition is permanent and no cure is available, but the right hearing aid can help.

Unfortunately, the mid-range frequency sounds are what we’re most comfortable listening to and include normal conversation and the sound from TV and radio. That means that people with cookie bite hearing loss will have trouble following conversations and hearing ‘normal’ everyday sounds, which makes life very difficult.

The Causes of Cookie Bite Hearing Loss

Heredity plays a big part in cookie bite hearing loss and most people are born with it. However, it may not be diagnosed until the person is at least in their 30s because they haven’t noticed any symptoms until then.

It can be picked up in children by routine hearing tests at school, and when it’s discovered, it’s usually suggested that the parents also have a hearing test, which can reveal one or both parents have it.

In very rare cases, it can be caused by damage or disease, but it’s mostly genetic.

Cookie Bite Hearing Loss Treatment

Once you’ve been diagnosed with cookie bite hearing loss, a hearing aid can help you to hear more clearly by amplifying the mid-range frequencies. The hearing aid needs to only increase the mid-range sounds because the wearer can already hear lower and higher sounds, so increasing their volume could become unbearable.

Hearing aid technology has improved much over the last decade, and specialist hearing aids for conditions like cookie bite hearing loss now enable the wearer to adjust their device for more comfortable listening.

It’s important to seek treatment as soon as you’re aware of the condition because it can worsen with time and age and needs to be regularly monitored.

Your Independent Hearing Clinic

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A hearing test performed by an independent hearing clinic such as Health and Hearing can diagnose and quickly get you started with the right cookie bite hearing loss treatment.

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