The Benefits of Wireless Bluetooth Hearing Aids

by | Nov 5, 2019 | Uncategorized

In recent years, hearing aid technology has improved considerably and it’s now possible to have an invisible device that fits in your ear canal and can be controlled by your smart phone.

Often called TV hearing aids because they allow you to stream sound directly from your television to your hearing aid, these amazing devices can do so much more. They’re perfect for older people who have lost the ability to hear the higher frequencies that are needed to understand speech clearly.

Here’s a rundown of some of the benefits you’ll enjoy from this new technology.

Bluetooth Technology

Hearing aids with Bluetooth technology allow you to connect to your phone, television, iPad or any other Bluetooth-enabled device to stream the sound directly to your ears via the hearing aid.

Depending on the type of hearing aid, you’ll need an iPhone 5 or later, and some can be used with Android smart phones. You can customise the sound to stream to one or both hearing aids as well as control the volume, and if you’re listening to music, your hearing aids become a set of in-ear headphones. You can even stream phone calls into your hearing aids so you never miss any of the conversation.

Better Sound Quality

Bluetooth hearing aids have a more stable signal with less chance of dropping out and superior sound quality with no feedback or whistling. You can even extend your listening range with wireless microphones strategically placed up to 25 metres away.

Your hearing devices can communicate with each other to fine tune and maintain the sound you hear so they act as one system instead of two separate devices. You can also listen hands-free to phone calls in both ears instead of just one.

Multiple Devices

You can connect multiple devices to your hearing aids using wireless Bluetooth technology and easily switch between devices. You can connect up to eight different devices, and most new devices are Bluetooth-enabled for easy access.

Smart Phone Apps

You can use smart phone apps to control your hearing aids without having to fiddle around and risk damaging them. You can control the volume, check your battery status, connect to other devices, and even use geo-tagging and your phone’s GPS to set different volumes in different locations so your hearing aids will automatically change.

If you lose or misplace a hearing aid, your phone can quickly locate it for you. Your hearing clinic can also change the settings remotely if needed without you having to go and see them.

Feel More Connected and in Control

At Health and Hearing, we have a range of wireless Bluetooth hearing aids and we can advise on the best one to suit your needs. We’ll be happy to tell you all the amazing benefits of your new devices and show you how to use them.

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