Hearing Loss and Emotional Wellbeing

Hearing difficulties are life-changing, but an aspect which isn’t readily discussed in the media is the impact on the emotional wellbeing of those affected.


Hearing loss affects around 3.6 million Australians, with 90% of those people aged over 50 years old. And with hearing loss affecting more Australian’s every year it is important to understand the signs and symptoms of emotional instability and how you can help your loved ones if they are suffering.

Keep reading to find out how and why hearing loss can affect emotional wellbeing.

Social isolation

It is important to note that symptoms of social isolation can appear well before a person is diagnosed with hearing loss. This is because hearing loss often occurs gradually, and those affected can be unsure about what is happening. The first signs of hearing impacting emotional wellbeing is the individual’s withdrawal from friends, family and the community.

Hearing loss also exacerbates social isolation due to difficulty communicating with others. When this happens, the individual can rely more heavily on visual cues and can also struggle to keep up and give context to conversations. This ongoing difficulty can then lead to issues such as stress, anxiety and fatigue. Furthermore, friends and family may not understand why their loved one has distanced themselves.

Increase in depression

Over time, social isolation and anxiety from hearing loss can lead to depression. This is because when someone needs to work hard to understand others, it can cause them to give up the interests and activities they once enjoyed. Others may even feel misunderstood by their loved ones. In addition, the individual may experience sadness about the loss of hearing which in turn also affects their mental health. Some people with hearing difficulties are proactive in finding ways to communicate, while others can become withdrawn.

In 2007, Australian Hearing released a national telephone survey conducted by Newspoll with 2,401 adults who suffered from hearing impairment. The survey found 60% of Australians with hearing loss displayed symptoms associated with depression. Three of the main symptoms were highlighted including increased irritability and frustration  (52%), difficulty sleeping 22%, and a loss of interest in most activities (18%).

Will hearing aids help?

The good news is that there is continual research which proves that hearing aids can reduce the emotional consequences of hearing loss. This means people who wear hearing aids have improved emotional wellbeing and are less affected by depression.

Need help finding the right hearing aid or need your hearing checked? Contact us today.

If you or any of your loved ones are experiencing signs or symptoms of depression you can contact Beyond Blue here.

What are the Different Types of Hearing Aids?

[vcvSingleImage class="vce-single-image" data-width="1024" data-height="576" src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/types-of-hearing-aids-hero.jpg" data-img-src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/types-of-hearing-aids-hero.jpg" alt="" title="types-of-hearing-aids-hero"]

At Health and Hearing, we pride ourselves on being a leading, independent audiology clinic. But why are we so proud of our position as a leading, independent clinic?

  1. Being an independent clinic, we are not obligated to recommend a particular brand/product and instead can find the best hearing aid for you and your needs.
  2. As a leading clinic, we offer the best and most technologically advanced hearing aids available. We also stay up to date with the latest research and studies to ensure we are constantly providing you with the best advice and service.

We have been in the business of restoring hearing for a long time now. Too often we hear stories about how people have bought hearing aids only to leave them in the drawer as the aids were uncomfortable, difficult to use and often made annoying buzzing noises. We are happy to leave those types of hearing aids in the 20th century!

Hearing aids tailored to meet your needs

The world has changed dramatically in the past 10-15 years. We have gone from brief-case-sized mobiles phone to slim, sexy iPhones. We have gone from analogue TV to sleek, high performing plasmas. And we have gone from clunky, unsightly hearing aids to technologically advanced, comfortable and lightweight hearing aids.

Here are some of the different types of hearing aids we supply at our clinic:

  1. ReSound LiNX 3D by ReSound GN.

Type of aid:
Receiver in canal (most discreet behind-the-ear style)

Level of hearing loss: Wide range of hearing loss.

Visibility: Almost invisible.

Key features:

  • Ultra lightweight with a sleek design.
  • Binaural directionality technology ensures you can hear what you want without being cut off from your surroundings in more complex listening situations.
  • Compatible with your devices which means you can stream sound from your devices (like you would with headphones).
  • Tailored hearing experiences with the integration of controlling, adjusting and information apps for your phone.
[vcvSingleImage class="vce-single-image" data-width="902" data-height="1024" src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/image15-17.jpeg" data-img-src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/image15-17.jpeg" alt="" title="image15-17"]
[vcvSingleImage class="vce-single-image" data-width="316" data-height="377" src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/2a6cda7e-polaroid1-1-_08s0ah08s0ah000000.png" data-img-src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/2a6cda7e-polaroid1-1-_08s0ah08s0ah000000.png" alt="" title="2a6cda7e-polaroid1-1-_08s0ah08s0ah000000"]
[vcvSingleImage class="vce-single-image" data-width="905" data-height="1024" src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/image5-19.jpeg" data-img-src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/image5-19.jpeg" alt="" title="image5-19"]
  1. Starkey Sound Lens

Type of aid: In-the-ear-canal.

Level of hearing loss: Mild to moderate hearing loss.

Visibility: Invisible

Key features:

  • Smallest hearing aid in the market.
  • Custom-made to suit your ear.
  • Advanced sound compression technology allows you to experience sound the way it was intended.
  • Feedback elimination technology means no more annoying buzzing or whistling
[vcvSingleImage class="vce-single-image" data-width="905" data-height="1024" src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/image16-23.jpeg" data-img-src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/image16-23.jpeg" alt="" title="image16-23"]
[vcvSingleImage class="vce-single-image" data-width="905" data-height="1024" src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/image10-27.jpeg" data-img-src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/image10-27.jpeg" alt="" title="image10-27"]
[vcvSingleImage class="vce-single-image" data-width="905" data-height="1024" src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/image3-31.jpeg" data-img-src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/image3-31.jpeg" alt="" title="image3-31"]
[vcvSingleImage class="vce-single-image" data-width="903" data-height="1024" src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/image14-25.jpeg" data-img-src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/image14-25.jpeg" alt="" title="image14-25"]
[vcvSingleImage class="vce-single-image" data-width="905" data-height="1024" src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/image9-29.jpeg" data-img-src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/image9-29.jpeg" alt="" title="image9-29"]
  1. Starkey Halo

Type of aid: Receiver in canal

Level of hearing loss: Wide range of hearing loss.

Visibility: Somewhat visible.

Key features:

  • Enhanced phone communication with ‘Made for iPhone’ and ‘TruLink’ technology (making it Apple and Android compatible).
  • Compatible with your devices which means you can stream sound from your devices (like you would with headphones).
  • Intuitive hearing capabilities - automatically changes hearing mode when you arrive at specific locations (e.g. home).
  • Patented technologies replicate high-frequency noises into more audible frequencies allowing easier understanding.

Why choose an independent hearing clinic?

Our promise to you regardless of your lifestyle, age or financial position is to provide you with the best options for your situation. We will not be persuaded by corporations or commission-based incentives like non-independent audiologists.

We only stock the best, most reputable hearing aids in Australia, not because we are paid to, but because we want to achieve the best results for you. We do not settle for hearing aids that are ‘good enough’ because we know you deserve far better than that.

Book your free 30-minute consultation

Of course, one size does not fit all when it comes to hearing aids. Book a free consultation with one of our leading audiometrists today to choose the best device to restore your hearing.

Not sure if your hearing is in optimal condition? You can always take our online quiz to find out more. We do recommend visiting an audiometrist annually (as you do with your GP, dentist or optometrist) to maintain the health of your hearing and detect any possible problems early on.

Why You Should Choose an Independent Hearing Specialist

[vcvSingleImage class="vce-single-image" data-width="1024" data-height="576" src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Health-and-Hearing-Independent-Hearing-Specialist-TITLE-03.jpg" data-img-src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Health-and-Hearing-Independent-Hearing-Specialist-TITLE-03.jpg" alt="" title="Health-and-Hearing-Independent-Hearing-Specialist-TITLE-03"]

When it comes to hearing, you want to make sure you’re placing one of your most valuable senses in capable hands. At Health and Hearing, we’re passionate about providing our customers with the best possible services, with a focus on personalised recommendations.

There are a number of services that an independent hearing specialist can provide you with, that a retail chain hearing clinic cannot. Read on to find out what they are!

1. Industry professional, not a salesperson

Many hearing clinics are owned by hearing aid manufacturers or large global retail chains. This means that when you walk in to talk to someone about a hearing aid suitable for you, you’re talking to a sales assistant rather than a qualified professional. An independent hearing specialist will book in appointments to ensure that every customer receives professional and experienced advice.

At Health and Hearing, we offer free 30 minute consultations where our team of professionals walk you through your options, answer any questions you have and assist you in trying on a range of hearing aids to find the best fit.

2. They won’t try to push an unsuitable brand

Many hearing clinics are partnered with particular brands and are therefore restricted in the variety of options they can provide you with. An independent audiometrist does not have allegiance to just one brand, and won’t try to push it on you if it’s unsuitable for your needs.

At Health and Hearing, we offer a wide range of brands and types of hearing aids so that we can assist you in finding the perfect fit, without any bias or ulterior sales motives!

3. They consider all factors

An independent audiometrist will take the time to ask questions and gage the kind of lifestyle you lead, to present you with a selection of suitable hearing aids. At Health and Hearing, we take into consideration:

  • The degree of your hearing loss
  • Your lifestyle (whether you engage in sports or active pursuits)
  • Whether you are employed or retired
  • Your preferences (hidden or slightly visible)
  • Affordability and budget
  • Comfort

4. A range of available rebates

An independent hearing specialist can offer you a range of payment plans and rebates that large-scale companies will not. At Health and Hearing, we work closely with the Defence Force to ensure that veterans receive a fair rebate on quality hearing aids, and our aging population have access to free hearing aids with their Pension Cards.

In consultation with your health insurer and tax agent, you may be eligible for a rebate. Likewise, those already serving with the Defence Force may be able to have the cost of their hearing aids completely covered. For more information, get in touch with us today!

5. There’s a 14 day cooling off period

As part of an independent hearing specialist’s personalised services, they’re more likely to offer a good faith cooling off period for your hearing aids. This means that you get the opportunity to trial them in your day to day life to ensure they work for you. Health and Hearing offer a 14 day ‘love it, or we take it back’ guarantee.

We encourage our customers to take their hearing aids home, go see a movie, attend a dinner party, do exercise and generally throw every element of your lifestyle at them to see if they fit the bill! If you’re not 100% happy, we’ll do everything we can to re-calibrate your hearing aids to suit your specific needs or find a better option.

6. Ongoing support

An independent audiometrist isn’t in the business of selling hearing aids and then leaving you to figure out the rest. Health and Hearing are only a phone call away! If you’re having issues with your hearing aids, we can remotely re-calibrate them for you. We also offer tune-up services and ongoing support for our customers. We want to make sure you’re always getting the most out of your hearing aids so that you can get the most out of life.

Contact Health and Hearing today for a consultation or a free hearing test!

The Future of Smart Hearing

Just as we once said goodbye to clunky Nokia bricks and hello to sleek, innovative smartphones - we’re saying goodbye to bulky, analogue hearing aids and hello to sexy, intuitive digital hearing aids.

The future of smart hearing is here and we’re so excited to be part of it!

Modern, digital hearing aids are nothing like their predecessors; they have an amazing amount of powerful features. Here are just a few:

  • Directional microphones - eliminating the struggle to hear in noisy places.
  • Smart hearing - detecting the differences between speech and background noises.
  • Connectivity to smart devices - seamlessly integrating with your life.
  • Efficient programming - adjusting to your needs and environmental changes.

Introducing ReSound Smart Hearing Aids

At Health and Hearing, we proudly fit ReSound hearing aids, and we are in love with the advanced technology packed into these micro-sized aids. ReSound smart hearing aids are about more than restoring lost hearing; they’re about integrating your hearing with your devices and lifestyle.

On top of the personalised, hands-on service we offer, ReSound has a number of apps that allow you to personally control and enjoy your hearing aids. Through the apps, you’re able to tailor and control your hearing experiences. You can download them via the Apple Store or Google Play (for free!). Of course, the apps aren’t limited to your smartphone - they’re also completely compatible across your smart watches, laptops, computers, tablets, smart TVs and more!

Wireless streaming technology

ReSound is far from being the only hearing aid company creating futuristic hearing solutions. Another style of hearing aids we supply - the Starkey SoundLens - is also leading this technological advancement. Their tiny, in-the-ear-canal hearing aid is custom-made and completely invisible in most ears. Starkey’s hearing aid is proof that good things come in tiny packages, as it offers advanced wireless streaming technology and music experience software. Experience sound the way it’s meant to be - pure.

Live life to the fullest!

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to hearing. Our lives are so intertwined with all of our devices that allow us to live a better quality, more enjoyable life. We use our phones to connect with our friends and family, our TVs to enjoy shows and movies, our cameras to capture moments, and our headphones to enjoy music. Why wouldn’t we want to add hearing technology that allows us to experience the pleasure of optimum hearing to the mix?

Health and Hearing specialise in invisible hearing solutions and only supply high quality-performance technology. Contact us for more information, or book a free consultation today!

Smartphone Apps for Better Hearing

[vcvSingleImage class="vce-single-image" data-width="1024" data-height="535" src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Smartphone-Apps-for-Better-Hearing-FEAT.jpg" data-img-src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Smartphone-Apps-for-Better-Hearing-FEAT.jpg" alt="" title="Smartphone-Apps-for-Better-Hearing-FEAT"]

When it comes to advancing technology to keep up with the demand for enhanced integration, hearing aids are well and truly keeping up! With a range of smartphone apps already on the market, it’s easier than ever to customise your hearing aids to suit your everyday surroundings. We’ve put together a list of the top smartphone apps to improve your hearing aid experience and everyday lifestyle.

To use with hearing aids...

ReSound smart app (Free)

The ReSound smart app is compatible with a wide range of hearing aids including ReSound LiNX², ReSound LiNX, ReSound LiNX TS, ReSound ENZO², ReSound ENZO and ReSound UpSmart. The app works with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch and select Android devices. Its features include:

  • Volume control, including treble and bass.
  • Ability to customise and save favourite programs such as ‘outdoors’ or ‘restaurant’ to regularly come back to - you can even add specific addresses!
  • Track your hearing aids if you lose them.
  • Separate audio controls when watching television or listening to music so that you can control both surrounding sounds and received audio.

ReSound smart 3D app (Free)

The smart 3D app is ReSound’s latest development in smart hearing aid technology. It’s compatible with ReSound LiNX 3D and ReSound ENZO 3D hearing aids and can be used on smart devices (apple and android) and even the Apple Watch! This app enjoys all of the features of the ReSound smart app, with a few handy additions:

  • New user onboarding and ongoing functional tips to encourage easy usage.
  • Enhanced sound settings including noise filter, speech focus and wind noise reduction.
  • Remote fine tuning so that your audiologist can adjust your aids for you without having to book an appointment with the clinic.
  • Tinnitus management.

Starkey TruLink hearing control

Available for both Apple and Android smart devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod), TruLink allows you to stream music, phone calls, facetime, video and more to your hearing aids for superior convenience. The app is compatible with “made for iPhone” hearing aids from Starkey, Audibel, NuEar, MicroTech and AGX Hearing. It’s main features include:

  • Audio streaming through your smart device.
  • Ability to personalise and geo-tag hearing aid settings as ‘memories’ which will kick into effect when you walk into particular saved locations.
  • Allows you to record, playback and email live sound sources.
  • Find your hearing aids feature if you lose them.

There are also a few nifty apps that can both test your hearing and relieve tinnitus, and they don't need to be used in conjunction with a hearing aid.

To test your hearing...

SoundCheck hearing test

This is a great way to monitor your hearing so that you know when it’s time to think about visiting an audiologist and purchase a set of hearing aids. The Starkey SoundCheck hearing test allows you to measure environmental noise levels as well as your own hearing ability.

Hear Coach listening game

Test your cognitive thinking and auditory sharpness in one hit with the Starkey Hear Coach listening game. It’s great if you’re up for a challenge and can be used by everyone. Each level includes different ranges of loud to quiet background noises so that you can train your hearing for different locations.

To relieve tinnitus...

Relax (Free)

Relax is an app by Starkey that includes twelve different relief sounds aimed to reduce the severity of tinnitus and provide the user with relief. These sounds can either be played on your smart device or streamed through your hearing aids (for a full list of compatible hearing aids see here).

ReSound relief (Free)

The ReSound relief app is a highly customisable app to assist those suffering from tinnitus. Users can play and customise soundscapes to distract from their tinnitus. They can also participate in audio exercises and adjust sounds to level the audio between their left and right ears. If the user’s tinnitus frequently prevents them from sleeping, they can set a timer for their soundscape to turn off after they have fallen asleep.

After a set of hearing aids that are compatible with a wide range of helpful smartphone apps? Contact Health & Hearing today!

Shopping for Hearing Aids Online: Is it Safe?

[vcvSingleImage class="vce-single-image" data-width="1024" data-height="535" src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Shopping-for-Hearing-Aids-Online-Is-it-Safe-FEAT.jpg" data-img-src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Shopping-for-Hearing-Aids-Online-Is-it-Safe-FEAT.jpg" alt="" title="Shopping-for-Hearing-Aids-Online-Is-it-Safe-FEAT"]

Like most products these days, hearing aids are now available to purchase online. Unbelievably, you can even pick up a pair from eBay for under $10! But is it really safe to use the hearing aids you get in your mailbox? We take a look...

The main issue with purchasing your hearing aids online is that it assumes all you need to do is put those purchased hearing aids in your ears and your hearing loss will magically disappear. But this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Hearing aids bought online are not tailored to your needs.

While online shopping might be more affordable and more convenient, the wrong type of hearing aids can potentially damage your hearing. Even if your hearing aids come “pre-programmed”, they’re not tailored to your exact needs in the same way that we’re able to custom-fit in our clinics.

Every person has different levels of hearing loss, and these levels differ between the right ear to the left ear. This means that two people using the same hearing aids bought online will experience very different results.

When you choose a free, no-obligation consultation with Health and Hearing, our professional audiometrists will complete a full examination to determine the specific nature of your hearing loss. We’ll work together to find a device that suits your lifestyle, work and personal preferences, and we’ll even adjust the settings for you and fine-tune your hearing aids for maximum comfort and sound quality.

[vcvSingleImage class="vce-single-image" data-width="800" data-height="500" src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Shopping-for-Hearing-Aids-Online-Is-it-Safe-01-1.jpg" data-img-src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Shopping-for-Hearing-Aids-Online-Is-it-Safe-01-1.jpg" alt="" title="Shopping-for-Hearing-Aids-Online-Is-it-Safe-01"]

What are you going to do if your hearing aids need to be adjusted or repaired?

When you buy hearing aids online, you don’t receive the same level of customer service and care. Unless you’re a professional audiometrist, there’s no way to know if your hearing aids are faulty, not appropriate for you, aren’t adjusted properly or even just broken. The returns process with online shopping can be lengthy and inconvenient, and at the end of the day, sometimes you’re not even guaranteed a refund!

The best part about purchasing hearing aids through an audiology clinic, like Health and Hearing, is that your audiometrist will become a valued health partner. Our founder, Soren Nielsen, is an expert in his industry with over 30 years of experience. Over this time, he has worked for the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturers. This experience, and his genuine desire to help people, enables him to help any patient with hearing difficulties.

Our team are always available to adjust your hearing aids, help you maintain them and fix any issues if they arise. We can service your hearing aids, assist you with replacement batteries and teach you how to use them for the best performance. We even have a 14-day love it or we’ll take it back guarantee, so you can rest assured that your hearing aids are the perfect fit for you. In a survey of over 100 past Health & Hearing customers, 86% said our hearing aids are an 8/10 or better.

[vcvSingleImage class="vce-single-image" data-width="800" data-height="500" src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Shopping-for-Hearing-Aids-Online-Is-it-Safe-02.jpg" data-img-src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Shopping-for-Hearing-Aids-Online-Is-it-Safe-02.jpg" alt="" title="Shopping-for-Hearing-Aids-Online-Is-it-Safe-02"]

Don’t let your hearing health deteriorate just to save a few dollars! Book a free hearing test at Health & Hearing today. Your hearing is an incredibly delicate and complex system that deserves the attention, care and tailored advice that only a hearing professional can provide.

Hearing Loss and Balance

[vcvSingleImage class="vce-single-image" data-width="1024" data-height="682" src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/image2-17.jpeg" data-img-src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/image2-17.jpeg" alt="" title="image2-17"]

Hearing loss and balance are often taken for granted, but what if they were both taken away from you? Dealing with one health condition is stressful in itself, but when two occur at the same time, it can cause you to wonder if there is a connection. And if there is a connection, is there a solution? In this blog, we discuss the connection between hearing loss and balance, along with what you can do to achieve balance once again.

Although hearing loss alone doesn’t cause balance issues, there are a few situations in which balance can be adversely affected by hearing loss or changes within the inner ear.

Your eyes and ears work together

When understanding the connection between balance and hearing it is also important to be aware of the connection between your eyes and ears in terms of balance. Essentially, your eyes and ears work together to organise the environment around you. Together, these senses judge the distance between sight and sound (for example we can see lightning and count how far apart the strikes appear in the sky). Therefore if something is affecting your ear, your spacial awareness and balance could be off-kilter.

Hearing loss, the brain and balance

A study conducted by John Hopkins Medical Institution has prompted more research into the connection between the brain, hearing loss and balance. The study has shown you are more likely to experience falls and sensations of being off-balance if you have hearing loss. In fact, the study revealed a three-fold increase in fall incidents in people with mild hearing loss. Furthermore, the incident rate increased with every 10 decibels of hearing loss.

After drawing these results, researchers came to a variety of conclusions about why hearing loss was linked to loss of balance. Primarily, researchers explained that people with hearing loss are less aware of the environment, increasing their likeliness of being off-balance and therefore increasing their disposition to tripping.

Researchers also speculated that people with hearing loss experienced a cognitive overload. Meaning, hearing loss caused an increased need for the brain to work harder to hear. This demand in turn, lead to a decrease in comprehensive awareness forcing the brain to let one function slip, which in most cases was balance.


Fortunately, with the addition of hearing aids, the brain can focus less on trying to hear and more on understanding the surrounding environment. This means if you are experiencing balance issues and hearing loss, a hearing aid may allow you to achieve better overall balance.

Similarly, if you are unsure if you have hearing issues, but your lack of balance concerns you, it may be time to focus on your hearing. To gain insights on your hearing you can try our online hearing quiz.

If you would like to find out more information or you would like to book a free hearing test, contact Health and Hearing today.

Hearing Aids for Uni Students

[vcvSingleImage class="vce-single-image" data-width="1024" data-height="576" src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Health-and-hearing-Hearing-Aids-for-Uni-Students-header-image-1920x1080.jpg" data-img-src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Health-and-hearing-Hearing-Aids-for-Uni-Students-header-image-1920x1080.jpg" alt="" title="Health-and-hearing-Hearing-Aids-for-Uni-Students-header-image-1920x1080"]

For many students with hearing problems, university can feel like a scary and overwhelming endeavour. You might feel embarrassed, ashamed or worried about how you’re going to keep up with your coursework. Perhaps you’ve sat in lecture theatres and struggled to hear what your professor is saying. Or maybe you opt for online classes, instead of on-campus ones, because headphones are more comfortable than in-person conversations.

Whatever the case, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way any longer! You don’t have to suffer in silence or replay powerpoints and videos on the weekend because you’re worried about missing important information.

Modern hearing aids are better than you think

[vcvSingleImage class="vce-single-image" data-width="300" data-height="257" src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/transparent-resound-linx3d-300x257.png" data-img-src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/transparent-resound-linx3d-300x257.png" alt="Resound Linx" title="transparent-resound-linx3d-300x257"]

With ever-changing technology, hearing aids have become more discreet and smarter than ever. These days, you can sync your hearing aids with your smartphone, iPad or smartwatch. You can effortlessly tailor your hearing aids and fine-tune them to suit your preferences through powerful mobile apps. You can even stream shows on Netflix and cable TV direct to your hearing aids!

Excelling at your studies doesn’t have to be a 24/7 stress event. With modern hearing aids, you can confidently make the most of your university experience, hear your lecturers and tutors, and achieve the grades you really want.

Invisible technology for busy uni students

Give Your Mum the Gift of Better Hearing This Mother’s Day

[vcvSingleImage class="vce-single-image" data-width="2000" data-height="1339" src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/image2-19.jpeg" data-img-src="https://healthandhearing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/image2-19.jpeg" alt="" title="image2-19"]

Your mother is one-of-a-kind. She’s been there for you throughout the roller coaster of your life. She has supported and encouraged you no matter what you have faced. But what if your mother is showing signs of hearing loss, limiting her social and emotional wellbeing? How can you support and encourage her to find a solution? This mother’s day, show your mother how much you care for her and want her to be healthy and happy with the perfect gift she doesn’t even know she needs - a hearing aid.

Keep reading to see how you can help your mother overcome the stigma of hearing loss and encourage her to use hearing aids that will provide her with the gift of better hearing.

Eliminate the stigma

Stigma surrounding hearing loss is a major concern for those suffering the ailment. Although hearing loss affects all people of all ages, it is commonly connected to ageing. This stigma, understandably, can influence how receptive your loved one can be about their hearing loss and their need for hearing aids. Often, your loved one will try to avoid the subject because of this stigma, or they may not even notice they are having issues hearing. Either way, it is essential you are aware of the symptoms of hearing loss so you can help them find a solution.

Below are a list hearing loss symptoms you should be aware of.

Change in behaviour in social situations

  • Your mother is having difficulty keeping up with conversation social situations
  • The TV and/or radio is much louder than usual 
  • Your mother has to ask for clarification
  • Your mother is complaining about ringing in her ears
  • Your mother seems disengaged in conversations
  • Your mother continues to miss phone calls
  • Your mother asks you to speak up
  • Your mother doesn’t hear certain tones

Change in emotional state

  • Your mother seems stressed while in group environments
  • Your mother is beginning to isolate herself
  • Your mother is embarrassed to meet new people

If you’ve noticed your mother suffering from some of the symptoms of hearing loss listed above, it’s time discuss the options of hearing aids with her. Approaching your mother with love and kindness on the topic of hearing is incredibly important. There is a major stigma attached to hearing loss, however recognising there is a problem is the first step to a solution.

So how do you broach the subject in a loving and supportive way?

Ensure your mother that you will be there to support her and she doesn’t have to deal with the issue alone. Be prepared with a list of positives of having better hearing to demonstrate that being fitted with a hearing aid will help her overcome the problems she has been facing. To start you can even suggest to your mother that she should take our online hearing quiz.

Benefits of being fitted with a hearing aid

  • Your mother will feel like she is part of the conversation again
  • Your mother will be able to enjoy music, TV, radio and movies without struggling
  • Your mother will feel less stressed and embarrassed in social situations
  • Your mother will be able to enjoy all the aspects of life which she couldn’t when she was struggling to hear

Want to hear from mothers who have been through the same situation? Check out the video below.


Another way to help your mother through the process of getting a hearing aid is accompanying her to a hearing test. This will show her that she doesn’t have to deal with the issue alone, and just like she has been there for you, you’ll always be there for her too.

If your mother is demonstrating signs of hearing loss, this Mother’s Day show her how much you care for her by getting her the gift of better hearing. For more information or to book a free hearing test, contact Health and Hearing

Do you feel discomfort or embarrassment when meeting new people because of your poor hearing?

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If all that sounds too tricky, don’t worry! We provide 365-day aftercare support, regular tune-ups and maintenance. Our setup process is super simple, and we’re here to walk you through everything, step by step.

A better solution needn’t cost a fortune


 7 reasons why Health & Hearing is better

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– Mr Neil Young, Health & Hearing client


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