If you (or somebody close to you) are concerned about hearing loss, we offer … FREE CONSULTATIONS to check if your hearing is okay and if it’s not, advice from an accredited Audiometrist on what to do about it

  • Does the slightest background noise make it impossible to enjoy a conversation?
  • Perhaps you've experienced misunderstandings in work and everyday situations?
  • Or maybe you're feeling isolated from your family, kids or grand kids, as you can't hear what they say?
If you're looking for an audiologist in Brisbane to regain your youthful hearing and regain your confidence, then you’ve come to the right place. Why not book a free consultation now with our expert hearing specialist with over 30 Years experience, Health & Hearing Audiometrist Soren P. Nielsen. Helping Young People, Pensioners and Veterans significantly improve their hearing everyday!

How We Help with Hearing Loss

Unlike some hearing clinics that have their tests performed by unqualified ‘retail assistants’ on iPads, our consultations are conducted by an experienced Audiometrist. With over 30 years of experience working with veterans, seniors and working Australians, we have the know-how to diagnose and regain your hearing sooner, with confidence. We offer...

  • Hearing Tests Your hearing test at ‘Health & Hearing’ is conducted by a qualified Audiometrist. For maximum privacy and concentration, you sit comfortably in a modern sound-proof booth. There is no rush – your Audiometrist will guide you at your own pace to ensure your Baseline Hearing Result is accurate.

  • Advice About Hearing Loss If you feel that your hearing is not what it used to be, or are concerned that a loved one may be experiencing hearing loss – we provide assessments designed to determine the nature of the hearing loss and provide advice on steps on what to do next.

  • Audiometrist: Hearing Aid Calibration & Tune Ups Have a hearing aid that needs a tune up? Our friendly Audiometrist will personally refit your device to make sure you make best use of your aid.

  • Hearing Aids (Recommendations and Free Test Drives) Looking for a new device? Come to a clinic and try one on. We stock all types of hearing aids and are respected specialists in the invisible hearing aid field. The latest ‘invisible’ technology is so small it allows you to regain clear, confident hearing and fullness of life without anybody knowing you’re wearing a hearing aid.

  • Rebates: Fully Accredited For Government and Insurance Funding We are accredited as Qualified Practitioners to provide generous rebates to Australians under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program, Private Health Insurance and Department of Veteran Affairs programs. Rebates are also available for people who have suffered hearing loss as a result of workplace noise (as administered by WorkCover Queensland).

9 Reasons Why Our Patients Trust Us With Their Hearing Health

  1. Qualified and Accredited: Your ‘Health & Hearing’ Audiometrist is Queensland Practitioner (QP 2509871-F) Accredited and committed to following documented best practices. In other words you will speak directly with a qualified, experienced professional, not a retail assistant.

  2. Approved for Private Healthcare Rebates: Health & Hearing’s QP Accreditation means you will be eligible for maximum private healthcare rebates.

  3. Absolutely Independent: Unlike many retail hearing aid shops that are owned by international brands or manufacturers, ‘Health & Hearing’ is fiercely independent and offers advice on the latest technologies without prejudice to brand.

  4. Specialists In ‘Invisible’ Technology: Before launching ‘Health & Hearing’, Audiometrist Soren Nielsen worked on the cutting edge of ‘invisible’ hearing aid technology. He continues to research and make the latest developments available to his Brisbane patients.

  5. Brisbane’s Most Thorough Free Hearing Test: Your hearing test at ‘Health & Hearing’ is performed by a qualified, experienced Audiometrist using the latest hearing technology. It includes a thorough physical examination and Base Line Hearing Test.

  6. Kind and Caring: You ‘Health & Hearing’ Audiometrist understands how unfamiliar a hearing test may seem at first. And how difficult it is to have challenges with your hearing. You can be sure I will explain everything thoroughly and take the time you need to feel totally comfortable in an unrushed session. And if I see you in Coles or Woolworths i'll make sure to greet you with a friendly hello!

  7. Free Hearing Aids and Upgrades: Your Audiometrist will advise you on support services that may make you eligible for a free hearing aid. If you are a veteran, ‘Health & Hearing’ are also glad to offer you a free upgrade to a more advanced hearing aid.

  8. Free Ongoing Servicing and Support: Initial set-up and ongoing tuning is critical to the performance of any hearing aid. ‘Health & Hearing’ offer you 365-day aftercare support to ensure maximum comfort and hearing.

  9. Guaranteed Results Or Your Money Back: It takes time to become familiar with anything new. ‘Health & Hearing’ encourage you to take your time and give your new hearing aids a good test. Return as often as you like for fine tuning. In the unlikely event your hearing aids do not meet your expectations, return them for a refund. We do have a $100 dollar restocking fee, but aside from that, you’ll get all your money back. So there’s no risk other than $100 (which is there just to cover my restocking costs).

What Our Clients Say About Us

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The quickest and easiest way to make certain your hearing is okay is to book a Free Hearing Test.

This is the same confidential hearing test that has helped thousands of men and women turn back the clock 10 years and regain clear, confident hearing. Treating hearing loss is not about getting old, it’s about staying young.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still thinking about making an appointment but are just not sure yet, perhaps you have some of these questions in mind...

Can you tell me what you cover with your consultation? What is the process and what gets covered with the customers?

We will check your ear canals and conduct a hearing check, and will provide a ’hearing baseline measurement’. We will then explain to you the result and give our advice on what we recommend you do. If you like, we also show you a number of hearing boosters and see how it looks on you.

I don’t want the hassle

With four convenient locations and a friendly team, we’re never too far away and always happy to help.

What do I get?

We offer consultations, advice on hearing loss and rebates available and, if appropriate, a trial of your chosen hearing aids, so you know what to expect.

Our Health & Hearing Process

Accredited and preferred suppliers

Clients who have a private health fund or are enrolled in a government program may be eligible for financial assistance or entitlements. The following suppliers may offer a rebate to cover some of the expense of a hearing aid. Speak with us to determine if you are eligible.

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Are You A Pensioner Or Ex-Serviceman? (Veteran)

You May Be Entitled to a FREE Hearing Aid * due to DVA and Australian Government Programs.

Call 07 3366 9355 to find out if you qualify (it takes less than 5 minutes!)Please have your Pensioner or DVA Health Card ready

* Terms And Conditions Apply

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Get your FREE upgraded hearing aid

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Clinics in Ashgrove, Kenmore, Carina and Chermside.

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