Adjusting To Your New Hearing Aid

by | Apr 10, 2015 | Care and Maintenance, Hearing Aids

Adjusting to wearing a hearing aid can take time and patience. If you want to get the most, however, from your new hearing aid, we recommend following the following good habits.

1.  Wear Your New Hearing Aid (s) – Adjusting Takes Time

Stating the obvious right? Truth is thought that the first reaction for many people with a new hearing aid is to remove them. Things may seem louder then before and that can overwhelm users or they are simply too self-conscious to use the aid consistently.

Don’t let these issues get in the way of your hearing aid transition and aim to consistently wear your hearing aid. As the old saying goes – practice makes perfect and the only way to adjust to your aid is to wear it

2. Don’t Be Bashful

Adjusting to a new hearing aid does take time so don’t be shy in explaining to people that you have hearing loss and are trialling a new aid. Ask them to speak at the level you need and forward plan to adjust your hearing aid level when going to public venues or loud environments such as the movies.

3. Clean Your Hearing Aid

Like anything in life, your hearing aid will require some maintenance. Be sure to establish a good cleaning routine for your hearing aid and look at regularly opening your batter door a few times a week to allow the moisture from the aid to escape.

You should store your aids in a cool, dry place and be sure to return the aid to your audiometrist every 12 months for a check over and maintenance

4. Love Your Audiometrist

Your audiometrist should be just as keen for you to have an improved quality of life through your hearing aid as you. It’s important therefore to keep in communication with your hearing aid specialist – if your experiencing problems or simply can’t adjust to what you are currently hearing, your audiometrist will work with you to adjust your aid and also possibly look at more suitable alternatives to your current product.

If you ever have an questions, queries or concerns about your new hearing aids don’t be afraid to contact us.