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Do you or a loved one have difficulty hearing in noisy places or watching TV?

Regain your confidence and improve your ability to engage with the world and take the first step towards better hearing 


At Health and Hearing clinic, we can help you improve your hearing with high-quality invisible, digital hearing aids

Many people who need hearing aids worry about the cost or how unattractive or bulky they can look. However, the solutions offered by our hearing specialists in Ashgrove, Carina, Chermside and Kenmore Plaza are affordable and look great. Using the latest technology, our wireless hearing aids restore your hearing without you the fear or embarrassment. 

Our Health & Hearing Process

Why Choose Health and Hearing?

We treat clients with hearing issues from all sorts of circumstances. Our lead hearing specialist, Soren Nielsen, has over 30 years of experience working with patients with hearing loss. Unlike some clinics where tests are conducted by unqualified retail assistants, our consultations are conducted by experienced audiometrists.

When it comes to our hearing specialists, Brisbane patients trust us with their hearing health for a variety of reasons:

Qualified and Accredited

Your ‘Health & Hearing’ Audiometrist is Queensland Practitioner (QP 2509871-F) Accredited and committed to following documented best practices. In other words you will speak directly with a qualified, experienced professional, not a retail assistant.

Approved for Private Healthcare Rebates

Health & Hearing’s QP Accreditation means you will be eligible for maximum private healthcare rebates.

Absolutely Independent

Unlike many retail hearing aid shops that are owned by international brands or manufacturers, ‘Health & Hearing’ is fiercely independent and offers advice on the latest technologies without prejudice to brand.

Specialists In ‘Invisible’ Technology

Before launching ‘Health & Hearing’, Audiometrist Soren Nielsen worked on the cutting edge of ‘invisible’ hearing aid technology. He continues to research and make the latest developments available to his Brisbane patients.

Brisbane’s Most Thorough Free Hearing Test

Your hearing test at ‘Health & Hearing’ is performed by a qualified, experienced Audiometrist using the latest hearing technology. It includes a thorough physical examination and Base Line Hearing Test.

Kind and Caring

You ‘Health & Hearing’ Audiometrist understands how unfamiliar a hearing test may seem at first. And how difficult it is to have challenges with your hearing. You can be sure I will explain everything thoroughly and take the time you need to feel totally comfortable in an unrushed session. And if I see you in Coles or Woolworths i'll make sure to greet you with a friendly hello!

Free Hearing Aids and Upgrades

Your Audiometrist will advise you on support services that may make you eligible for a free hearing aid. If you are a veteran, ‘Health & Hearing’ are also glad to offer you a free upgrade to a more advanced hearing aid.

Free Ongoing Servicing and Support

Initial set-up and ongoing tuning is critical to the performance of any hearing aid. ‘Health & Hearing’ offer you 365-day aftercare support to ensure maximum comfort and hearing.

Guaranteed Results Or Your Money Back

It takes time to become familiar with anything new. ‘Health & Hearing’ encourage you to take your time and give your new hearing aids a good test. Return as often as you like for fine tuning. In the unlikely event your hearing aids do not meet your expectations, return them for a refund minus a small restocking fee.

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Veteran Testimonial

Accredited and Preferred Suppliers

Clients who have a private health fund or are enrolled in a government program may be eligible for financial assistance or entitlements. The following suppliers may offer a rebate to cover some of the expense of a hearing aid. Speak with us to determine if you are eligible.

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Free Upgrades, Ongoing Servicing and Support

At Health and Hearing, we offer eligible patients with support services such as a free upgrade to a more advanced hearing aid for veterans. Initial set-up and ongoing tuning are critical to the performance of any hearing aid. We offer you 365 days of free aftercare support to ensure maximum comfort and hearing.

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