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News Article For Australian Veterans:

"Here's how Australian Veterans are getting a high-quality, invisible hearing aid for the same price (or less) than the cost of the clunky DVA issue hearing aid"

Hearing loss is unfortunately a VERY common condition suffered by Australian Veterans.

It’s a sad state of affairs that so many of our ex service-men have to suffer with this condition, compounded by the fact that free hearing aids provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs offer out-dated technology and a second-rate experience.

Left untreated, we know hearing loss can contribute to conditions like isolation and depression. Even in the best of cases, not being able to keep up with conversations at work or with the family is awkward.

When misunderstandings and a feeling of being left behind become a daily challenge, Veterans often find themselves gradually withdrawing from social interaction. It’s terrible that such a treatable condition can have such damaging consequences.

Why do most Veterans avoid getting hearing aids?

For years I've been frustrated that Brisbane Veterans - who’ve put their lives on the line - get nothing more than the "entry model" hearing aid from the Department of Veteran Affairs.

While it’s better than nothing, the bulky and out-dated technology leaves most Veterans unsatisfied while their hearing loss slowly gets worse. I often hear from Veterans who have hidden their old hearing aids away on purpose, and it’s not hard to see why:

  • The old technology in DVA issued hearing aids causes ‘clicks’, ‘clacks’ and ‘whistles’
  • They are bulky and noticeable
  • They don’t eliminate stray noise
  • They are frustrating and provided little benefit

It shouldn’t be this way. Australian Veterans deserve better – that’s why I started my Health & Hearing clinics.

How Health & Hearing helps Brisbane Veterans like you

In my 30-years of experience as a hearing specialist, I’ve found that with the correct hearing aid Veterans can enjoy a positive change overnight. This is because newer full-featured hearing aids are a joy to use, are almost invisible, and provide clear hearing only possible with today’s technology.

So there’s no need to bear the anxiety of misunderstanding. No need to miss out on your favourite TV shows. And no need to lose your connection with your family, friends and grandchildren.

What’s shocking to me is that Veterans are not issued these new full-featured models as standard. Instead, they are provided with a "bottom of the line” entry model that causes more irritation than benefit.

So as an ex-military man myself, I feel that this is not right, and I’m determined that Veterans should be equipped with the right hearing aid they need to enjoy life.

Veterans suffering from hearing loss suffer through many ongoing issues related to their condition on a daily basis. It’s enough to wear down even the strongest of characters:

What problems does hearing loss really cause for Veterans?

Veterans suffering from hearing loss suffer through many ongoing issues related to their condition on a daily basis. It’s enough to wear down even the strongest of characters:

  • Do you feel discomfort or embarrassment when meeting new people because of your hearing?
  • Are , such as a busy restaurant, difficult?
  • Has a family or significant other become frustrated when you’ve not fully heard what they have said?
  • Are your relationships with friends, family and grandchildren suffering?
  • Do you feel people avoid talking to you because they think you can’t hear them?
  • Do you feel lost or confused in social situations?
  • Do you get a distracting ringing in your ears?

You are not alone, and we help Veterans just like you every single day.

We can help you overcome hearing loss for good

The technology has changed so much in recent years but unfortunately the common perception is that hearing aids are:

  • Bulky, ugly and embarrassing
  • Uncomfortable and feel like something strapped to your ear
  • Come with frustrating 'clicks' and ‘clacks’ and ‘whistles’ that don’t sound natural
  • Expensive and out of reach for most people

Now, all of this might have been true years ago, but things have changed considerably over the last decade. Modern day hearing aids are now a massive improvement over the old style models.

Nowadays, a full-featured hearing aid is:

  • So small it is almost invisible… meaning practically no one will notice it
  • So comfortable you won’t even realise you’re wearing it
  • Capable of providing exceptional clarity so you can easily understand conversations or dialogue during TV programs
  • Packed full of modern technology that realistically transforms the lives of those who are suffering through hearing loss
  • Nowhere near as expensive as you might have expected

Long story short, all the fears and negativity you might have about hearing aids is now obsolete. So there’s no longer any need to continue struggling.

Just how good are the hearing aids Veterans can get from H&H?

We are proud to provide you with an upgraded full-featured hearing aid, all at no extra charge* to you. This upgraded hearing aid boasts high-performance clarity and is leaps and bounds above the DVA standard issue hearing aid.

What you normally get through the DVA is the "base model" Enya 2. While it is a step up from nothing, it comes with the "clicks", "clacks" and "whistles" of early model hearing devices.

In contrast, Health & Hearing provides the Enya 3 that includes the newer technologies that are essential for Veterans clear hearing. Still not sure? Review the selection guide below.

Why is the Enya 3 so much better than the standard issue DVA hearing aid?

It looks great

Care about how you look in public? The most common thing holding people back from getting hearings aids is the bulk size and the fear of embarrassment when wearing them. And it's understandable. Wearing a big bulky contraption on the side of your head is a recipe for awkwardness.

While the standard issue Enya 2 is smaller than older hearing aids that we're used to in the movies, it's still large enough to be embarrassing. On the other hand, the upgraded Enya 3 is slim profile, small and practically invisible when worn.

With its clear connecting tube, it's quite hard to notice unless you pay close attention.

High quality audio

A common complaint I get is how annoying "clicks" and "clacks" are. These noises are common with older and basic model hearing aids as they lack the features to eliminate stray noise. While the standard issue Enya 2 does an "okay" job, there is enough stray noise to irritate the most patient Veteran.

Out of the veterans who've visited my clinic, they rate the standard issue device 2 out of 10.

On the other hand, the upgraded Enya 3 has the technology to eliminate stray noise and includes more sensors for clearing sound . With the veterans who've used both the standard issue and upgraded models, they've commented on the huge difference between the clarity of models.

Of the veterans I know that have personally used them, they rate the upgraded version 8 out of 10.

Extra Features

Make sure to compare the features between each hearing aid. Some features may mean the difference between a great experience or an average one.

What do most Veterans ask during their free consultation?

As an ex-military man myself and having worked with hundreds Veterans over the years, I’ve got a pretty good idea about what you need and what your concerns are. The most commons things I hear include:

  1. I don’t want big, bulky hearing aids that stand out
  2. If I have to wear hearing aids, I want them to be comfortable
  3. I don’t want to put up with low quality acoustics
  4. I want a guarantee they are going to work, without spending a fortune

If you share these concerns, or any others, rest assured. I’ve fitted countless hearing aids and have as many satisfied customers.

Claiming the free hearing aids is easy. All you need to do is book an appointment at one of our four local Brisbane clinics. I'll perform an expert hearing assessment and if I think you'll benefit, I’ll make a claim from the Department of Veteran Affairs on your behalf.

As a clinic with full government accreditation, the process is straightforward and easy and completely risk free.

Don’t put up with hearing loss a moment longer than you have to

Call us today on (07) 3366 9355 to book your free expert hearing assessment at one of our four conveniently located Brisbane clinics in Ashgrove, Carina, Kenmore and Chermside.

* Terms and conditions apply.

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