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  • Dave Sabben

    Dave Sabben (commander of 12 platoon, D Company, 6 RAR) is the author of ‘Through Enemy Eyes’, a fictionalised account that brings to life the events that lead up to the battle of Long Tan in the Vietnam War. Mention this testimonial when you visit Health and Hearing and you could receive a free copy of his book!

  • “Health & Hearing was a big step up from anywhere I’d been in the past.”

    I’ve recently had new hearing aids fitted at the Ashgrove Branch of Health & Hearing. After almost thirty years of trying different hearing aids I had pretty much given up hope of finding any real solutions to my Defence-service related hearing issues. The Danish product (Resound) that Soren Nielsen and his H&H team provide is a big step in front of all the other hearing aids I’ve used over the years. The technology and functions are great, including: Iphone conversations direct to hearing aids (no more dangly devices around the neck!). Microphone that can be worn by the person you’re talking with or placed on a table for group conversations (great in a noisy environment!).

    Nothing fixes severe deafness and no hearing aid is a magic bullet. But if you really need hearing aids and are prepared to pay for a top-up, I can unreservedly recommend the service and products provided by Soren Nielsen and his friendly team. They are genuine and passionate about fixing hearing problems.

    Mr Audie Moldre

  • Neil

  • Rod

  • Susan

  • “I am now hearing the best I can ever remember.”

    I just wanted to drop you a small note of thanks for the service you have so far given me.

    I have had severe hearing loss including consonant hearing loss, tinnitus, cochlear damage, round window repairs and now just old age I guess! These losses come from a mixture of shooting, farming machinery noises, steel & misspent youth! You are the first of four hearing professionals I have dealt with in Australia since 1990 who has understood not only the physiology of my losses but also the research behind and the technology that is now available to assist my hearing aids and was simply frustrated as they were more of an encumbrance than help and this was after up to four months testing of one pair.

    The last test was only two years ago and it went for four months.

    I am now hearing the best I can ever remember and I look forward to a future thanks to you! As a field guide and lecturer my hearing plays an important part in my professional activities and the ability to hear my grandchildren clearly now is giving me great joy.

    I am willing to sing your praises anywhere you need me to because of what you have done for me. thank you.

    Len Zell

  • “The benefits of being able to participate with loved ones and interacting with others in everyday situations cannot be overstated.”

    I am extremely happy with the advice given over the past eight years and my current ReSound Hearing Aid tuned to my specific hearing needs.

    Off the shelf devices cannot compete with the results of Soren’s testing and advice, he thoroughly explains the options and provides the appropriate hearing solution at an economic price.

    The benefits of being able to participate with loved ones and interacting with others in everyday situations cannot be overstated and I have no hesitation in recommending Health and Hearing.

    Mr Neil Young

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