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How To Avoid Being Taken For A Ride By Your Hearing Specialist

How To Avoid Being Taken For A Ride By Your Hearing Specialist
April 6, 2017 admin

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission recently released a damning report highlighting that several foreign owned global hearing clinics (and their hearing specialists) may not have your best interests at heart.

You can read more here – Hearing aid sector put on notice. Australian Competition and Consumer Commission prepared this report. 

Unfortunately I have had to warn many people about this topic. You must always visit independently owned and operated clinics.

Many hearing clinics in Australia are not independently owned or operated.

Many of the hearing clinics that you see around Australia are just ‘hearing aid shops’. They are owned and operated by major hearing aid manufacturers . Think of brands like William Demand (Denmark), Sonova (Switzerland), Starkey (America) – selling and recommending their own brands. Unfortunately, some Australians are being persuaded (too quickly and forcefully by retail salespeople) into buying the wrong hearing aid. Additionally they are not offered the education and support they need to get the best hearing and lifestyle outcomes. As a result, they leave their hearing aids in the drawer and regret the money they wasted.

Many of these unscrupulous clinics use shady tactics like commission based incentives. Staff are motivated to sell their expensive, branded equipment to unsuspecting customers. Salespeople are highly skilled in selling however alarmingly, majority having no qualifications in hearing loss. Due to these tricky sales tactics consumers are lead to believe that this is their only available choice. However this is not true.

Dealing with hearing loss is a vulnerable time and you should be able to trust that the person administering your hearing test. If you are not planning on coming to one of Health & Hearing four clinics around Brisbane that is okay.  We just want to make sure you are not being taken for a ride.

Learn more about your hearing specialist….

Ask you hearing specialist these three questions to ensure they have your best interests at heart:

1. Are you independently owned and operated?

This will help you ensure you are dealing with an independent clinic that has your best interests at heart. At a locally owned and operated clinic you’ll be able to get the attention and treatment you deserve. Consequently you aren’t having one brand of hearing aids forced onto you or feeling like another number.

2. Do I have a choice of hearing aids from multiple manufacturers with no obligation to one brand?

You should have all options available to suit your unique situation. It seems like salespeople only push one or two products on you. This is as a result of most hearing clinics around Brisbane being owned by global hearing aid manufacturers. Staff are set with high sales targets and lucrative incentive programs within these businesses. As a result you feel like you are being pressured into purchasing only one option because “nothing else would suit your needs”. You deserve better treatment than that. Ensure you are being provided with a range of information and options.

3. Will my hearing test be conducted by a trained audiologist or audiometrist (hearing specialist)?

Most of all, you want to avoid dealing with trained salespeople who are already counting their commission when you walk through the door.  Salespeople often rush you into a decision without a proper hearing testing. Qualified and experienced technicians always take the extra time with your hearing test and offer independent, expert advice. Therefore you get the best hearing aid for your condition, lifestyle and budget.

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Health and Hearing stocks all types of hearing aids. We pride ourselves on being respected specialists in invisible hearing aids. The latest ‘invisible’ technology is so small it allows you to regain clear, confident hearing. Therefore, nobody even needs to know you are wearing a hearing aid.

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