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Hearing Aids For Veterans

For Veterans

Being a veteran myself, I find it difficult to understand how the government can rationalise giving vets the same hearing aids as those on unemployment benefits. It just doesn’t make any sense, and personally I find it unacceptable. Serving your country is not something to be taken lightly, and to be put in the same bracket as those on the dole is offensive, right?

And whilst it’s true that what the Department of Veteran Affairs gives you is better than nothing… it’s still only the basic “entry level” hearing aid. They give you those big bulky sized contraptions that people can see from a mile away. These cheap hearing aids are uncomfortable and come with the frustrating ‘clicks’ and ‘clacks’ that are so common to yesteryears technology. The sad part is, this poor performance actually does you more harm than good. And it’s no wonder they end up hidden away in a back drawer.

It’s such a shame too. Because with over 30-years of experience as a hearing specialist, I’ve seen firsthand how the correct hearing aid can completely transform the lives of veterans OVERNIGHT! This is not an exaggeration either, as modern technology has evolved to the point where full-featured hearing aids are now a joy to use. The difference is like night and day. Because all the negative aspects of the old-style hearing aid have now been eliminated.

You see, these new models are almost invisible and incredibly comfortable to wear. But most importantly, they adjust themselves to produce crystal clear hearing… no matter how bad your natural hearing is. So there’s no longer any need to bear the anxiety of misunderstanding what people are saying. No need to miss out on your favourite TV shows. And no need to lose your connection with your family, friends and grandchildren.

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What You Get At Health & Hearing

We are proud to provide you with an upgraded full-featured hearing aid; all at no extra charge to you*. This upgraded hearing aid boasts high-performance clarity and is leaps and bounds above the DVA standard issue hearing aid.

What you normally get through the DVA is the “base model” Enya 2. While it is a step up from nothing, it comes with the “clicks”, “clacks” and “whistles” of early model hearing devices. In contrast, Health & Hearing provides the Enya 3 that includes the newer technologies that are essential for Veterans clear hearing. Still not sure? Review the selection guide below.


Cosmetics & Looks

Care about how you look in public? The most common reason that holds people back from getting hearings aids is the bulk size and the fear of embarrassment when wearing them. And it’s understandable. Wearing a big bulky contraption on the side of your head is a recipe for awkwardness.
While the standard issue Enya 2 is smaller than older hearing aids that we’re used to in the movies, it’s still large enough to be embarrassing. On the other hand, the upgraded Enya 3 is slim profile, small and practically invisible when worn. With its clear connecting tube, it’s quite hard to notice unless you pay close attention.

Audio Quality

A common complaint I get is how annoying “clicks” and “clacks” are. These noises are common with older and basic model hearing aids as they lack the features to eliminate stray noise. While the standard issue Enya 2 does an “okay” job, there is enough stray noise irritate the most patient veteran. Out of the veterans who’ve visited my clinic, they rate the standard issue device 2 out of 10.
On the other hand, the upgraded Enya 3 has the technology to eliminate stray noise and includes more sensors for clearing sound . With the veterans who’ve used both the standard issue and upgraded models, they’ve commented on the huge difference between the clarity of models. Of the veterans I know that have personally used them, they rate the upgraded version 8 out of 10.

Extra Features

Make sure to compare the features between each hearing aid. Some features may mean the difference between a great experience or an average one.

How To Claim The Veterans Upgrade

Claiming your free full-featured hearing aid is easy*. All you need to do is contact us by calling (07) 3366 9355 to book an appointment at one of our four local Brisbane clinics. I’ll then perform an expert hearing assessment – and if I think you’ll benefit – will make a claim from the Department of Veteran Affairs on your behalf. The entire process is done for you.

As a clinic with full government accreditation, the process is extremely straightforward and hassle free. However, to qualify, you will need a Gold or Silver DVA Health Card. If you don’t have a card, or if you’re not sure about your situation, please call as we may have other excellent rebates available. *Terms and conditions apply.

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