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Vouched for by local veterans like Bob Buick, Gordon Obst and Mal Black;
Soren Nielsen is the trusted "go to" hearing specialist for Brisbane veterans.

Soren has extensive experience in hearing loss due to military service and offers free hearing aidsto veterans to restore their youthful hearing. As a ex-military man himself, Soren is the only registered specialist that provides free hearing aids that are far superior to the DVA standard issue. 

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"To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan and the Viet Nam war, each Veteran who claims an upgraded hearing aid will receive a copy of either book, personally signed by Bob Buick himself.
The legendary Bob Buick, writer of the epic All Guts And No Glory, and co-author of
The Battle of Long Tan As Told By The Commanders has partnered with Health & Hearing in support of an active lifestyle."



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For years I've been frustrated that Brisbane Veterans - who’ve put their lives on the line - get nothing more than the "entry model" hearing aid from the Department of Veteran Affairs. While it's great that these hearing aids are provided for free by the government, I often find that these models are bulky, have the 'clicks' and ‘clacks’ common to yesteryears technology , and are so frustrating to use that they are hidden away in a back drawer on purpose. And this is such a shame as Veterans are left missing out.
In my 30-years of experience as a hearing specialist - I’ve found with the correct hearing aid - Veterans can enjoy a positive change overnight. This is because newer full-featured hearing aids are a joy to use, are almost invisible, and provide clear hearing only possible with today’s technology. So there’s no need to bear the anxiety of misunderstanding. No need to miss out on your favourite TV shows. And no need to lose your connection with your family, friends and grandchildren.
What’s shocking to me is that Veterans are not issued these new full-featured models as standard; but instead, are provided with a "bottom of the line” entry model that only adds more irritation than benefit.
So as an ex-military man myself, I feel that this is not right, and I’m determined that Veterans should be equipped with the right hearing aid they need to enjoy life. To do my part, I have launched the Health & Hearing Veterans Upgrade where I provide you a free* upgraded full-featured hearing aid that is leaps and bounds above the standard DVA issue. And I do this at no extra charge as my way to support the Brisbane Veteran community. Terms and conditions apply.


Ashgrove, Carina, Chermside and Kenmore

Examples Of Veterans We Have Helped

We are proud to provide you with an upgraded full-featured hearing aid; all at no extra charge to you*. This upgraded hearing aid boasts high-performance clarity and is leaps and bounds above the DVA standard issue hearing aid.

What you normally get through the DVA is the "base model" Enya 2. While it is a step up from nothing, it comes with the "clicks", "clacks" and "whistles" of early model hearing devices. In contrast, Health & Hearing provides the Enya 3 that includes the newer technologies that are essential for Veterans clear hearing. Still not sure? Review the selection guide below.


Why I Now Have Hearing Aids
I have always rejected being fitted with hearing aids because those I know who have them had, within a month of being fitted dumped them in the drawer. The aids had not assisted them and were more of a hindrance than advantage to hearing. I have had regular hearing tests for decades and knowing the Department for Veterans Affairs (DVA) would pay of “aids to hearing” I was subject to the hard sell but I always rejected hearing aids. Mid 2016, some fifty years after developing my hearing loss due to military service and exposure to battle noise in Vietnam, I heard of an Audio Specialist who seemed to care about war veterans’ and their hearing problems.

I arranged a hearing test that was conducted is greater detail than any of my previous tests. I discovered this company was not contracted by government. After a lengthy discussion with the specialist during which I discovered much I am now wearing hearing aids. I have had no problems and discovered that the aids fitted are superior to the standard issued and paid for by DVA.

After a week, and a tune-up, I am most happy with the results. So satisfied that I feel I am vindicated having rejected any fitting of the inferior standard issued aids and thank the professional attitude of Soren Neilsen of Health and Hearing Ashgrove 4060.
Bob Buick
June 2016 Mountain Creek 4557

I Have Clear Hearing, Couldn't Be Happier
I am a Veteran of the Viet Nam conflict and write this more as a tribute rather than a testimonial to Soren and his great team at Health & Hearing. No doubt, like many others, my severe hearing loss affected my family life, social life and contributed to my depression. Self consciousness and low self esteem stopped me from having the "roasted peanuts" behind my ears, as I comically like to call hearing aids. Family pressure and a chance meeting with Soren changed my mindset.

Soren showed me other options for hearing aids and he and his team showed me compassion and care during the process - I couldn't be happier. Soren has a great respect for Veterans, and a very personal contact with us too, being an ex-military man himself. I cannot speak more highly of Soren and his team at Health & Hearing.

Love your work!
Gordon Obst
Viet Nam Veteran

Veteran Vouches For Soren
My name is Mal Black and I am a veteran with a hearing loss attributable to my service. Recently, Mr. Soren Nielsen, an Audiologist from Health & Hearing Invisible Hearing Solutions, himself an ex serviceman fitted me with two hearing aids which use the latest technology and materials.

They are brilliant and I would not hesitate in recommending that any other veteran (or anyone else for that matter) who has a similar problem, look him up. He will assess your needs in a most professional manner.

He is also fully aware of the procedures and process required by The Department of Veterans Affairs regarding matters such as eligibility etc.
Mr Mal Black

What You Get At Health & Hearing

Standard Issue
Enya 2 "basic model"

Veterans Rate This
2 out of 10

Not Recommended

"A bit noisy and it whistles"

The Resound Enya 2 is basic level of technology in this range. 

  • 6 WARP™ Processing Channels.
  • 6 Available Gain Handles - For fine tuning adjustments.
  • 3 Fully Flexible Programmes – For personalisation.

Enya 2 Accessories:

  • Unite Remote Control 2.

H&H Veterans Upgrade
Enya 3 "full-featured model"

Brisbane Audiologist

Veterans Rate This
8 out of 10


"I can hear the TV clearly.
Don't notice I'm wearing them"

The Resound Enya 3 is the second level of technology in this range. 

  • 8 WARP™ Processing Channels.
  • 8 Available Gain Handles - for fine tuning adjustments.
  • 4 Fully Flexible Programmes – For personalisation.
  • Softswitching - Comfortable and convenient transition between directional options.
  • Windguard™ - Reduces wind noise in outdoor environments.

Enya 3 Accessories:

  • Unite Remote Control 2.
  • Unite TV Streamer 2.
  • Unite Phone Clip+.
  • Unite Mini Microphone
  • ReSound Control App (Phone Clip+ required)
  • Resound Relief App (Phone Clip+ required)

1. Cosmetics & Looks
Care about how you look in public? The most common reason that holds people back from getting hearings aids is the bulk size and the fear of embarrassment when wearing them. And it's understandable. Wearing a big bulky contraption on the side of your head is a recipe for awkwardness.

While the standard issue Enya 2 is smaller than older hearing aids that we're used to in the movies, it's still large enough to be embarrassing. On the other hand, the upgraded Enya 3 is slim profile, small and practically invisible when worn. With its clear connecting tube, it's quite hard to notice unless you pay close attention.


2. Audio Quality
A common complaint I get is how annoying "clicks" and "clacks" are. These noises are common with older and basic model hearing aids as they lack the features to eliminate stray noise. While the standard issue Enya 2 does an "okay" job, there is enough stray noise irritate the most patient veteran. Out of the veterans who've visited my clinic, they rate the standard issue device 2 out of 10.

On the other hand, the upgraded Enya 3 has the technology to eliminate stray noise and includes more sensors for clearing sound . With the veterans who've used both the standard issue and upgraded models, they've commented on the huge difference between the clarity of models. Of the veterans I know that have personally used them, they rate the upgraded version
8 out of 10.


3. Extra Features
Make sure to compare the features between each hearing aid. Some features may mean the difference between a great experience or an average one.

About Soren and Health & Hearing

Thanks for getting to know Health & Hearing. I served in the Danish Army as an Infantry Sargent from 1986 to 1989. For the next 30-years, I worked with the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Working on the cutting-edge of hearing aid technology, and seeing thousands of lives transformed for the better has been a truly rewarding experience.

Yet for a long time, I was concerned patients were not always receiving the best advice. In 2012, I decided to establish a truly independent hearing clinic in Brisbane. I wanted to provide unrushed and caring consultations. To show my appreciation to Veterans, I've also started the Veterans Upgrade to do my part to make sure that Veterans get the best outcome as possible.


How To Claim The Veterans Upgrade

Claiming the free hearing aids is easy*. All you need to do is to call (07) 3366 9355 to book an appointment at one of our four local Brisbane clinics. I'll perform an expert hearing assessment - and if I think you'll benefit - will make a claim from the Department of Veteran Affairs on your behalf.

As a clinic with full government accreditation, the process is straightforward and easy. Please note to qualify, you will need a Gold or White DVA Health Card. If you don't have a card, or not sure about your situation, please call as we may have other excellent rebates available. *Terms and conditions apply.


"Watch Soren explain how the Veteran & Pensioner Upgrade works and how the standard issue and upgraded hearing aids compare."


Veterans Health Week

As part of our commitment to veterans, Health & Hearing is an official organiser of Veterans Health Week. The 2015 event in Gaythorne RSL Club and Kedron Wavell RSL Club was a fantastic success so we're look forward to hosting the next one in October this year. This events offer Veterans, war widows, current and past Australian Defence Force members the chance to connect. We look forward to seeing you this year!

Soren (left), Dr Andrew Khoo (middle) and Phil Lillybridge president of the
Kedron Wavell RSL sub branch (right)


Soren (left) and
Veteran Dane Christison (right)
of In and Out Fitness

Gaythorne RSL Club
Monday 12 October 2015 
Veterans Health Week

Get A Free Book!

"To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan and the Viet Nam war, each Veteran who claims an upgraded hearing aid will receive a copy of either book, personally signed by Bob Buick himself.
The legendary Bob Buick, writer of the epic All Guts And No Glory, and co-author of
The Battle of Long Tan As Told By The Commanders has partnered with Health & Hearing in support of an active lifestyle."


DVA Gold & White Card Holders Are Entitled To A Free Hearing Aid

DVA Card Holders May Claim A Free Hearing Aid As Part Of The DVA Program AT NO COST

Call reception to claim at

Here's what Brisbane Veterans have to say about Soren and Health & Hearing:

Here's what else Brisbane Veterans have to say about Soren and Health & Hearing:

“I recommend Soren’s Health & Hearing to any veteran to come on in and speak to Soren. He gives exemplary service to a veteran so I highly recommend him.”

Government accreditation QP2509871-F
means hasslefree rebates – saving you time and money

Free hearing tests, 365-day aftercare support &
100% money-back guarantee

Free hearing aids for pensioners & bonus no-cost upgrades for veterans

Experts in “invisible” hearing aids that are powerful yet discreet

Here's what Brisbane Veterans have to say about Soren and Health & Hearing:

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