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How Likely Is It You’re Suffering From
Significant Hearing Loss That Can Be
Successfully Helped By A Hearing Aid?

If you are suffering from significant hearing loss, or a loved one you care deeply for is, then you’re in the right place.

Please let me explain…

For most people, communication is something that comes easy and natural.

But when you’re suffering from significant hearing loss, communication becomes stressful, causes fatigue, and causes you to misunderstand conversions. Which can leave you feeling embarrassed, annoyed, or just plain angry about the situation.

What’s more…

Some people may think you’re rude, anti-social, or just not listening to what they have to say. But you know that’s not true, you just didn’t hear what they said.

You want to be involved and part of the conversation, but it’s hard when you miss hear what’s said, and it’s exhausting trying to keep up with the conversation.

It can feel like you’re one-step behind all the time.Especially if you’re out at a coffee shop or restaurant and there’s background noise, well that makes it near impossible to hear anything.


I understand taking that all-important first step towards finding out about what can be done for your hearing, can be daunting, a little confusing, and overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

At Health and Hearing we make it easy and convenient for you to take that first step towards better hearing. We do this in a friendly, no pressure environment. Because it’s important you get all the information you need, so you can make an educated, and informed decision about your hearing.

It’s Starts With Your Free 30-Minute
No Obligation Consultation

During your free consultation we’ll check your ear canals conduct a hearing baseline measurement, then we’ll explain your results to you in detail, and then recommend what you can do.

Importantly, you’ll understand and know exactly where you stand, and what action to take next, so you can regain your hearing.

Here’s the thing…

We can’t help everyone, if hearing aids will help your hearing situation, then we’ll show you various models and how they would look on you. It’s a great way for you to see what’s available and a great way for you to see which is the best hearing aid for you… based on your lifestyle, budget, and personal preference.

Best of all, your Free consultation will help you avoid costly pitfalls, show you exactly what to do about your hearing loss, and save you time and money.

Your family and friends want to have fun, easy conversations with you. They know you care about them, and that you are trying to listen to what they are saying… you’re not ignoring them.

Book In For Your Free 30-Minute
Consultation Now If You Are A…

Just call 07 3366 9355 to book your Free Consultation.

We have four handy locations in Brisbane

Just tell us on the phone which one is the easiest location for you to get to the location are right below.

Please understand spots for the FREE 30-minute consultation are limited at each location…

Because we have to fit them in with all the new clients getting fitted with brand new hearing aids. Avoid disappointment, and call now to book your spot.


Lawnton Country Market Medical Centre
718 Gympie Rd, Lawnton
(across the road from Bunnings)


Ground Floor, Highpoint Plaza
240 Waterworks Rd
Ashgrove QLD 4060

Cannon Hill

Cannon Hill Family Doctors
17/1177 Wynnum Road, Cannon Hill
(just outside Cannon Hill Shopping Centre)


Cnr Webster and Rode Road
Chermside QLD 4032
(next door to Flannery’s grocery store)

You miss out on precious moments in life and
meaningful conversations with loved ones when you
can’t hear clearly… but you already know that.

Do you get complaints about the TV being too loud at your place?

If you think everyone is mumbling, or you’re missing parts of the conversation, call now.

How will your life change with better hearing?

Imagine hearing better than you’ve heard in years, going out to social events with family and friends, and once again taking part in the conversation just like you used to.

And best of all…

You’ll never feel embarrassed of self-conscious. Because your hearing aid is so discreet… no one can see it.

It starts with your Free Consultation…

Call us to today on 07 3366 9355 and book your Free no obligation Consultation.

If the lines are busy, please try again.

Kind Regards

Soren Nielsen
Owner & Founder
Health & Hearing

Mr Dan Higgins
The Gap

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Mr Mal Black
Arana Hills

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Ashgrove QLD

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Get your FREE upgraded hearing aid

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We will contact you within a business day to schedule a time suited to you.

Clinics in Ashgrove, Kenmore, Carina and Chermside.

Get your FREE upgraded hearing aid

We respect your privacy.

Or Call Reception at (07) 3366 9355

Open 9 AM to 5 PM – Mon to Fri