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Free hearing aids for pensioners & bonus no-cost upgrades for veterans

Studies Have Shown That Hearing Loss And Dementia Is Linked, I Will Show You:

What most people don’t know is that hearing loss is strongly linked to  early dementia, high blood pressure and the beginnings of depression.

The good news is that with early treatment, these serious health issues can be prevented with hearing aids. So if your loved one is hard of hearing, we may be able to help…

For the past 10 years Health & Hearing has helped people prevent dementia and regain youthful confident hearing with invisible hearing aid technology.

But we’ve typically found that the people who could benefit the most are the most hesitant to get help. And it’s this experience that led to the creation of this 15-page Report, Dementia and Hearing Loss.

Inside you’ll discover the best, most practical tips that you can start using immediately to convince your Husband, Wife or Parents get a hearing aid.

If you have a stubborn loved one, then this Report is for you.

…Best of all, it’s based on real-life, practical tips that you can start benefiting from right away.

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Hearing Loss and Dementia is a 15-page Report full of simple tips for partners or concerned children to help their loved ones regain clear confident hearing.


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How hearing loss and dementia is linked and how it gets worse if left unattended.

Conversation starters to encourage your loved one get their hearing treated and the crippling effects of untreated hearing loss.

Serious health and relationship issues that can and should be avoided by using a hearing aid.

Everyday, common hearing-related issues (and the hidden pains lurking in the undercurrent) I’ve found in most people.

Concerns and embarrassments that your loved ones may have about wearing a hearing aid (and how to diffuse them).

And more...

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About The Author

Written by Hearing Loss Expert and Founder of Health & Hearing, Soren Nielsen. Soren has over 30 years experience in helping people with hearing difficulties regain youthful clear hearing. He has also been the CEO of a high profile hearing aid company and has seen thousands of lives transformed for the better.

What Others Are Saying...

Here is a small sample of what other people who had hearing loss say about their experience working with Soren and the team at Health & Hearing:

      Can Now Watch Television, Listen To The Radio And Participate In Social Occasions With More Success Than For Many Years

“The service I have received from Soren Nielsen is second to none. I had been wearing hearing aids for 6 years prior to attending the clinic and had become frustrated with the amount of hearing I was obtaining from them. This hearing loss has forced me to retire from my employment.

I have appreciated the generosity of time and the effort Soren has put into getting things right for me. I was given the opportunity to trial several aids in an attempt to achieve a better result. Soren’s patience and persistence has resulted in an amazing improvement for me.

I am now able to watch television, listen to the radio and participate in social occasions with more success than for many years. It is great such on-going support to assist me in coping with this disability.”

- Mrs Margaret MacGinley, Brisbane

      Veteran Vouches For Soren

“I am a veteran with a hearing loss attributable to my service. Recently, Mr. Soren Nielsen, an Audiologist from Health & Hearing Invisible Hearing Solutions, himself an ex serviceman fitted me with two hearing aids which use the latest technology and materials.

They are brilliant and I would not hesitate in recommending to any other veteran (or anyone else for that matter) who has a similar problem, look him up. He will assess your needs in a most professional manner.

He is also fully aware of the procedures and process required by The Department of Veterans Affairs regarding matters such as eligibility etc.”

- Mr Mal Black, Brisbane

I just wanted to drop you a small note of thanks for the service you have so far given me. I have had severe hearing loss including consonant hearing loss, tinnitus, cochlear damage, round window repairs and now just old age I guess! These losses come from a mixture of shooting, farming machinery noises, steel & misspent youth!

You are the first of four hearing professionals I have dealt with in Australia since 1990 who has understood not only the physiology of my losses.

I am now hearing the best I can ever remember and I look forward to a future thanks to you! As a field guide and lecturer my hearing plays an important part in my professional activities and the ability to hear my grandchildren clearly now is giving me great joy. I am willing to sing your praises anywhere you need me to because of what you have done for me. Thank you.

      I Am Now Hearing The Best I Can Ever Remember

- Len Zell, Brisbane

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P.S. If you are genuinely interested in getting your Husband, Wife or Parents to enjoy clear hearing again, this 15-page Report is the quickest and easiest way to get started.

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