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Clinics in Ashgrove, Chermside, Kenmore and Carina.

At Health & Hearing, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our main goal is to help you achieve the best results with your hearing aids and live the vibrant and joyful life you deserve. In a survey of over 100 past Health & Hearing customers, 86% said our hearing aids are an 8/10 or better. Learn More….

Do you or a loved one have difficulty hearing the TV? Struggling to hear in noisy places?

Receive a free, no-obligation hearing test & consultation close to you at Ashgrove, Chermside, Kenmore & Carina. Simply Call on (07) 3366 9355 to arrange to speak to one of our friendly audiometrists.

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We also offer FREE hearing aids for pensioners & low cost invisible hearing aids, so be sure to write this number down (07) 3366 9355 Talk Soon!