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Five Common Reasons Veterans Wait Too Long Before Fixing Their Hearing

Five Common Reasons Veterans Wait Too Long Before Fixing Their Hearing
January 31, 2017 admin

In my 30 years of experience in treating hearing loss I’ve seen far too many Australian veterans suffer unnecessarily from the devastating effects of hearing loss… because they didn’t feel comfortable seeking help from an audiologist like Health & Hearing.

Below are the top five reasons I’ve seen veterans just like you ignore their hearing loss and suffer in silence… and my responses that explain how the treatment of hearing loss isn’t that bad, after all.

Reason 1: Denying your hearing is deteriorating… because it makes you feel ‘old’

Admitting you have a hearing problem can be a hard first step for most people. You may feel like you’re broadcasting to the world that you are getting older and loosing some of your independence. So it’s often easier for people to just not admit that they have a problem, particularly in the first few years of your hearing starting to deteriorate.

But you don’t have to just sit there and try and lipread or nod and shake your head even though you’re not really in the conversation. Your quality of life doesn’t have to suffer.
Countless veterans have been in the same boat as you before, and many will be after you. By taking the first step of making an appointment with us at Health & Hearing you could be on the road to clearer hearing almost overnight.

Reason 2: The feeling of helplessness

A common theme I hear from patients about hearing loss is “It’s just a part of getting old” or “everyone I know that has served suffers from the same problem”. Social gatherings have just become an indistinguishable rumble and partners are feeling ignored by having to repeat what they say over and over.

While the effects of hearing loss can’t be reversed the technology available today can definitely assist with improving your hearing and quality of life. You don’t need to shy away from social situations or feel tension from not being able to communicate with your loved ones effectively.

Reason 3: You are embarrassed at the thought of wearing hearing aids

Some of the older hearing aid technology uses big and uncomfortable hearing aids that cause some people to be self conscious about wearing them. The standard issue DVA hearing aids are just like this. I’ve heard from clients they feel like wearing “Dumbo ears” or that they quite simply would rather leave them in a drawer at home, instead of looking like a elephant.

The technology is MUCH better these days… with lighter, more comfortable, and more discreet hearing aids available so you don’t have to feel self conscious wearing them out in social situations or at work. Newer technology has the ability to link to your TV or radio via bluetooth so you don’t have to annoy your family by turning the volume up to maximum.

Reason 4: You can’t find someone to relate to

Veterans have special needs that can go overlooked by a regular audiologist who doesn’t understand your unique situation. Suffering hearing loss or tinnitus from years of gunfire can be hard for a civilian to relate to. Often veterans tell me they feel like they are just treated as if they’re trying to ‘get something for free’.

At Health & Hearing you won’t just be thrown in that dreaded booth and rushed out as ‘another veteran’ with no follow up. As a retired serviceman myself I understand the reasons my patients are deaf, or are going deaf. You don’t have to explain it. My approach is health care first, then hearing aids second. We’re here to treat your hearing loss, and improve it. Not just take your money and stick something in your ear.

Reason 5: You think you can’t afford it

You may think that investing in quality hearing aids will leave you out of pocket, or it’s even completely out of your reach. The DVA only provides a base model hearing aid for free and then only covers part of the expense for any hearing aids above that.

However, a new high quality hearing aid, far superior to the standard DVA issue may be more attainable than you think. If you’re a veteran with a DVA Gold or White card you can qualify for our Veteran’s Upgrade absolutely free. We’ll do the work of sorting out the rebates with the government so there’s nothing more for you to do.

How to claim your Australian Veterans Upgrade… and get a hearing aid you’re proud to wear (because no-one sees it!)

Are you eligible for our Australian Veterans upgrade? All you need to do is contact us online or call (07) 3366 9355 to book an appointment at one of our four local Brisbane clinics. I’ll perform an expert hearing assessment – and if I think you’ll benefit – will make a claim from the Department of Veteran Affairs on your behalf. If you don’t have a card, or you’re not sure about your situation, please call as we may have other excellent rebates available.