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Free hearing aids for pensioners & bonus no-cost upgrades for veterans

Government accreditation QP2509871-F
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Hello and thanks for your interest in getting to know ‘Health & Hearing’ and how we may be able to help you. My name is Soren Nielsen, the founder of ‘Health & Hearing’. Over the past 30 years I’ve worked with the largest and most innovative hearing aid manufacturers in the world.

Working on the cutting edge of hearing aid technology, and seeing hundreds or thousands of lives transformed for the better, has been a truly rewarding experience. Yet, for a long time, I was concerned patients were not always receiving the best advice. And they were being rushed into a decision without proper hearing testing.

The Truth About Most Hearing Clinics

Australians are often shocked to discover most hearing clinics are actually owned by hearing aid manufacturers or global retail chains. In many cases, these ‘clinics’ are really just shops designed to sell their brand of hearing aids.

Truly Independent

In 2012, I decided to establish a truly independent hearing clinic in Brisbane. I wanted to give my patients a thorough, unrushed hearing test along with advice and products that would give them the best possible outcome.

The Best Solution For You

We now have four clinics and serve thousands of patients every year. And we continue to conduct extensive research to ensure we are providing the best treatments from the full range of available solutions, including tinnitus management, rehabilitation, counselling, and hearing aids from all leading manufacturers with no obligation to any one brand.

Specialists In ‘Invisible’ Technology

We stock all types of hearing aids and are respected specialists in invisible hearing aids. The latest ‘invisible’ technology is so small it allows you to regain clear, confident hearing and fullness of life without anybody knowing you’re wearing a hearing aid. 

Qualified, Experienced Staff

Unfortunately some Australians are persuaded (too quickly and forcefully by retail salespeople) into buying the wrong hearing aid. Or they are not offered the education and support they need to get the best hearing and lifestyle outcomes. As a result they leave their hearing aids in the drawer and regret the money they wasted.

Our qualified, experienced technicians take extra time with your hearing test and offer independent, expert advice to ensure you get the best hearing aid for your condition, lifestyle and budget.

Love It Or Return It Guarantee

Just as it takes time to get used to a new pair of glasses, it may take a little time to become familiar and comfortable with your new hearing aids. We don’t want you to rush this. Try your new hearing aids at home and in the different environments of your daily life. Give yourself time to experience the benefits.

During this time be sure to come into the clinic for your scheduled tune ups.

And if you have concerns, talk with our Audiologists who can adjust your hearing aids and give you advice on how to get the best hearing outcome.

In the unlikely event that you feel uncomfortable with your hearing aids (for whatever reason) you are covered by our risk-free ‘Love It Or Return It Guarantee’ which gives you a full refund of your purchase.  If a hearing aid isn’t right for you, just return it. We do have a $100 dollar restocking fee, but aside from that, you’ll get all your money back. So there’s no risk other than the $100 (which is there just to cover my restocking costs).

Follow Up Service to Ensure Continued Youthful Hearing

Even the perfect hearing aid needs a little adjusting from time to time. That’s why we offer a ‘Free Tune Up’ at 14 days, 1 month, 6 months and 12 months to make sure you are always getting the best result possible. This professional ‘Tune Up’, performed by your qualified Audiologist, is valued at $165 per service, however it is free for Health & Hearing patients.   

Fully Accredited For Government and Insurance Funding

Not only are many hearing aid ‘shops’ unable to offer truly independent advice, they are not accredited for government or private health insurance rebates.

We are accredited as Qualified Practitioners (QP 2509871-F) to provide free hearing aids to pensioners and veterans under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program, as well as people who have suffered hearing loss as a result of workplace noise under the scheme administered by WorkCover Queensland.

And we have a strong association with all major private health insurance providers. We will help you get the maximum rebates to ensure you receive all benefits you are entitled to and get the best hearing aids at the best price. Discover more about finances and funding here.

The Most Thorough Hearing Test In Brisbane

In many hearing aid ‘shops’, your Hearing Test Technician is trained in the same way a Barista is trained  to make coffee. While they may be able to perform the function of a hearing test, they often lack the in-depth knowledge and experience of a trained Audiologist. They are also often rushed with frequent bookings and hurried hearing tests. Which means they may not detect the full spectrum of your hearing condition.

Your hearing test at ‘Health & Hearing’ is conducted by a qualified Audiologist. For maximum privacy and concentration, you sit comfortably in a modern sound-proof booth. There is no rush – your Audiologist will guide you at your own pace to ensure your Baseline Hearing Result is accurate.

You will receive the results immediately. If the test shows hearing loss, your Audiologist will provide independent, expert recommendations on solutions for improve your hearing. Discover more about the ‘Health & Hearing’ thorough hearing test here.

Free Thorough Hearing Consultation

If you think you (or somebody you love) may be suffering partial or significant hearing loss, I invite you to book a Free Hearing Consultation today. This professional consultation is totally free and conducted without any obligation whatsoever. Call (07) 3366 9355 or inquire below to arrange your Free Hearing Consutlation.

I look forward to helping you with a free unrushed hearing test, and the latest invisible hearing aids that allow you to secretly regain clear, confident hearing and fullness of life.  


Soren Nielsen



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